How many more times will we read about things like this, ALL are to blame, but as for the scum in prison, more should be done to them.

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146,000, I`m sure millions want ROUGH SLEEPING to end!!!

Daren Howe
Cardigan, United Kingdom

19 Jan 2018 — Please keep SIGNING and SHARING, everywhere you can … if this poor man in the article below hadn`t been living on the streets, there is pretty much no doubt he`d still be alive, as shocking as it is, I urge you to read it, does any human being deserve to end their life this way… COME ON PEOPLE.

Teenagers jailed for life for beating homeless man to death 'because it was funny'
Razvan Sirbu, 21, was left with a broken skull, and fractures to his face and ribs after Charlie White and Alex Macdonald launched an…

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