How many Mountains stand before me

I start to count but then

the mist that rises and falls

so often shows me

more mountains before me


The Lakes with their grey and blue

their ever rippling waters

slight splashes against

your ever present rocks


I see before me just one Swan

on this bright morn

the air so crisp and fresh

the sun trying so hard to break through


The sounds of nature

I shall miss

as my hearing on that side

everbecomes less and less


The tears I endeavour to restrain

but as ever I fail

I must remember and capture

in my heart forever

the enchanting sounds of nature


By  –  Anna 1995




Tchaikovsky    –    Swan Lake Suite


2 thoughts on “NEVER FORGET

  1. Thanks Opher, I wrote that the first summer I took the Boys back to Killarney on our own, David had died that Christmas of 94. Our Hotel was on the Lake at Muckross, it was so stunning first thing in the morning and at evening when I would walk down to the Castle ruins and look at the Lake, a sad time but happy memories of my Sons.


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