Splendour in the grass

how those words

could or did

mean so much

of dreams once had


All could be so perfect

a life ahead

full of promise



Splendour in the grass

meaning darkness

dreams all fades

mistakes made

cannot be unmade


Once I dreamt

of so much light

I could have had

so much more


But I turned

the wrong corner

and for years

into darkness I descended


And now

some light

has returned

but too late

or never too late?






“Though nothing can bring back the hour

of Splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower,

we will grieve not, rather find

strength in what remains behind”


William Wordsworth    –    1770 – 1850



    1. Thank you as ever Opher. I am going to do my best and see if next year, I can make some dreams come true, it will be a big year as regards age. I know how lucky I was that the biopsy showed “benign” it so could have gone the other way.


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