There are times when you find yourself being shocked and annoyed and feeling patronized, and you say to yourself do I let this pass me by or not.

Well frankly all those out there that write blogs, shall we say blogs that can be regarded as “controversial”, which I write myself from time to time and people have been kind to me expressing their views, very few did I ever feel so strongly compelled to reply, and we couldn’t reach agreement, well why should we thats only fair, it is as they say a Free World we live in here in the West, Free Speech as they say.  What a very sad World if we all agreed on everything, denying the truth in ourselves.

In the last two years I have watched, read, listened, and seen so much hatred and such unbelievable, to me viciousness, and dictating taking place in this World of us, so much in what we (those of us who cherish our Freedom) call the Western World the Free World, or is it really?

I won’t prattle on much more, promise.   What I don’t understand what I find pathetic, what I find sad yet funny is the fact if one writes a blog which you know is going to be controversial, and I have written them, then don’t – don’t make yourself look a fool by objecting so much so that you are “lecturing” the person you are replying to.

Of Course we all are not going to agree on the same thing or at least we should not, but these days on certain subjects that are prominent in the news the World over people have become like sheep, they either don’t know how to respond, they don’t want to be seen as controversial, they have not got the guts to stand up and say what they really believe, they just follow the herd.

Those that use their Freedom to cast their votes should not be attacked either physically or verbally they should not be challenged all the time, they should not be constantly told their votes should be overturned because others do not agree.  In this Free World we have Elections, we choose the person we want to vote for, when we cast that vote it is Legal, and no one absolutely no one has the right to say that vote was illegal because they do not agree with the choice, well too bad.  Hatred, viciousness, bitterness and absolute stupidity has taken place in the last year or so.

Hypocrisy is a word that is so used these days, hypocrisy is what many people are about.  There are those that do not like the real facts, they deny them and think they can belittle someone because they have laid out the real facts.

Anyone who knows me knows by now that I speak my mind, and if you don’t agree with me I accept you have your opinion, but I won’t belittle you because your view is not mine, I will disagree with you but I won’t allow myself or others to be called a certain name because my vote cast was different from others.  I am always grateful to those that take the time to look at my blogs, and I never deliberately set out to hurt or verbally offend anyone, I tell it as I see it.

Just don’t write controversial blogs and expect everyone to agree, and don’t patronize its rude and ignorant.  “If you are highly educated” you should know better.

3 thoughts on ““YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER”

  1. It’s a sad state of affairs when simple disagreements will cause a shout down or sever a friendship. I had recently lost a friend when I pointed out that her outrage over a republican indiscretion was missing when there was a democrat indiscretion. Hypocrisy, no? If nothing else, people – regardless of political affiliation – out to have their principles guide them and not their political party.

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  2. I agree – nobody should be attacked (physically or verbally) for stating their views. It is a free country. On the other hand they should always be open to being challenged. That is what democracy is all about isn’t it?
    If someone believes something they should be able to defend why.
    In terms of democracy – no decisions are ever final. If mistakes are made then people should have the right to have another vote. I think that is democratic.
    We do not vote in a government for life do we? We give them a chance, see what they do and them have another vote. If the country turns strongly against a government they are usually brought down and another election called.
    I don’t think people should be belittled for their views or friendships broken. In terms of real facts – well there are many versions.

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    1. Opher I must be honest and say to you when you correctly state “we give them a chance see what they do and then have another vote”, from Day One you and countless others Have Not Given President Trump one chance, he has been criticised beyond all belief. In my humble opinion that is not giving President Trump a chance, or dare I include Brexit.

      We should and are intelligent enough to state its natural not to agree on everything, and not have that ruin a friendship. For me Politics and Religion is not a reason not to like someone. We get to know people and like them and respect them for what they are. Being patronized by strangers I do not have to take.


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