Tell me now that President Trump’s controlled Immigration Ban is a bad thing, do Americans want their small towns and communities turning into melting pots like Blackburn in Lancashire, England. Thats a result of open borders. There is Racism against Blacks and ethnic minorities, the fact of the matter is there’s Racism Against the White People too, which should not be ignored or denied as it is undeniably being (the South African farmers being a prime example. These farmers are being butchered, raped and murdered in their own homes for simply being White… other reason whatsoever, indeed the perpetrators are proud to state that was their sole motive), many have no doubt not heard of these crimes. That is simply because the mainstream media refuses or is too sensitive to report it. But heaven forbid the Police shoot dead an armed black man who is threatening them and you’ll get wall to wall coverage (even on the rare occasion the Black man is unarmed you’ll still get heavy media coverage) but zilch when it comes to Whites….something isn’t right here!

To those who question me and say “why do you get upset” with regards to the UK, England in fact the place of my Birth, I respond that I get upset with every justification as I am watching my Country turn from the once beautiful and great Country it was into a divided Nation, no not the fault of all the whites but the fault of it appears the majority of those immigrants who have come to this Country whether it be yesterday or twenty years ago. They refuse (their own words, not mine) to become part of the existing communities, they drive out the existing communities. They buy up all the housing, the shops, garages, close down all the pubs (of course they don’t drink, well not in public for some) and they buy up existing business and turn them or close down Schools into their schools, which exist behind barbed wire or electronic gates where no one absolutely no one except themselves can enter.

Education, what kind of education is taking place in these buildings, the radicalization of the young. They open centres within their communities, we know for a fact some have been used to train those that go out and kill or plan to kill. Blackburn has been a spot where the Police have raided time and time again, Blackburn is a Town where Radicals were trained and sent out


Oh yes I can probably hear some now saying I am a Racist, no I don’t hate anyone regardless of skin colour. I was born into a community where it was predominately Irish Catholic, but there were in time Coloureds (can I say that) who came to live in my street, Mr Miller who worked on the famous London Docks, I remember him well I remember him as lovely Mr Miller who was so gentle and kind to me, Black, yes but to me he was simply Mr Miller. When we moved house but remained in the area, in time we had a West Indian Family move in two doors down, the Mother was a Nursing Sister, husband had left but she brought up her four children on her own – church every Sunday, well behaved, polite and such a great family for neighbours. I am not saying there were not people who complained when more and more Indians, Pakistanis, Ghanaian, West Indian, moved in to the road, to me they were neighbours I spoke to said “hello” to.

These neighbours became part of the community, they mixed in so well. Now what do they do, the immigrants and Pakistanis make “NO GO” areas (search youtube for video’s of Luton to see what I mean). The Hindus and Sikhs do not cause any problems and mix well, but no offence intended just the truth, in the main (and I do not say all) Muslims do not mix and think we have no rights in our Country (again youtube Luton to see what I mean), they want rid of the Christian Faith – that will never happen. As I said I was born into an Irish Catholic Community, my Parents John and Mary met here in the UK, when both came to this Country to work and make a life. They, especially my Father endured what is now called Racism, the Irish were not liked by too many English but the Irish found jobs on the roads, in Ford motorcar Factory, Nursing, and even cleaning houses. The Irish were known as hard workers, they also fought in both World Wars. Both times when War was declared and those that did were regarded as Traitors by too many back home in Ireland. There were hardships of course there were but the Irish made their homes, mixed into the communities married had children and the rest is history, as they say. When as a teenager I would criticise my Country for interfering in Northern Ireland, I recall my Father rightly telling me off and saying “you are lucky to be living in this great Country, where I make my living, don’t ever run this Country down”. My Father was a gentle softly spoken non drinking, yes he never drank, Irishman who to the day of his death would tell me “others would give their right hands to be living here, don’t ever forget that”. John Morrissey was proud to be Irish but he was also proud to be living in England.

What I wonder, would my Daddy say now seeing this Country in the state it is in, divided and our liberties, our way of life our Christian beliefs be ripped day by day away from us. If I went to the middle east I would have to obey their rules, their rules of dress code etc, but these people come here the women, girls little girls covered from head to toe except for a slit on their faces to show their eyes, they are in Black and this is not stopped? Who knows what they are carrying under these garments, guns, bombs you name it.

People outside this Country think of us still as little old quaint Britain with hamlets and cottages and english tea rooms and “Miss Marple”. Well you may find that in Oxfordshire and Cornwall and Devon and a few other places (doubtful sadly), but the reality is places like Blackburn up North. Then you see what is going on in inner cities, larger Towns. I am fortunate, I am sheltered from these kind of places, as I know several of my friends online are. I live in a very nice sought after location, we don’t see trouble here, thats not to say in a Seaside Resort like this there will not be crime. We have had a few rather serious crimes in the town.

I may not see crime myself, but the difference is my eyes are fully opened to what’s going on in this Country, I am not living in a Corbyn Wonderland, where everyone is welcome regardless of race or religion…well I say everyone, under Corbyn’s Labour that naturally excludes the Jews….what a man of all people he truly is…..NOT! That’s another story however but for further reading just google Jeremy Corbyn + Hamas + Jews . Do I fear for my Country, I most certainly do, one can feel the heat of the melting pots, there is going to be before too long immense trouble, much blood spilt on the streets of this Country and when that happens those of us old or aware enough will think back to the prophetic words of Enoch Powell and his Rivers of Blood Speech who was pilloried in the 1960’s for predicting what is about to happen now! Why? The majority of the people who are watching our way of life here in the UK being attacked, corroded day by day, our Christian Faith attacked, will not and cannot take much more. Nearly every day a new far right group crops up, instantly gaining tens of thousands of supporters on various social media platforms. Some of them are national, some specific to regions of the UK. I am NOT saying I support these groups in any way, but ask yourself the question…”Why are they being created and why is it they attract so much support”….it’s not without a reason is it…it is that reasoning that will eventually boil over into something those in power in this Country don’t see coming. How naive and deluded they are. When this happens as I fear it no doubt will, I won’t boast online with “I told you so” as I love my Country too much, and it’s for that reason I urge the liberals in this Country to wake up from their comatosed state in Islington and such places, put down your £15 smoothie and leave your falafel and Hummus salad for another day and visit areas such as Blackburn, Luton, Rochdale etc and see what is really going on in this Country before it’s too late!

This Government, the Opposition Parties do nothing and will do nothing. Reports after reports are called for as to what’s going on, they cost us the Taxpayers £Millions but these reports which are correct are never given the light of day and why. Well I will tell you why, because they don’t want the Immigrants upset. Never mind the others living in this Country.

I just wish we had someone as strong and determined as President Trump, thinking of His Country First and thats what we need. The Citizens of the UK need to wake up and wake up soon and see what is going on how divided this Country is how dangerous a situation we are in.

When the Melting Pots flow over and they will, its then too late, far too late.


If you have read this blog, I thank you for reading. No personal offence was intended. Below if you can please watch – White Fright – Divided Britain. You will see the truth. Thank you.



  1. Anna – there is a problem that needs addressing. There has been too much immigration too quickly. They do tend to stick together in communities. The major problem is not to build walls but to break down barriers. They are not integrating because of government policy. Some areas have become enclaves.
    This government has a policy of more faith schools. What we do not need is more segregation. They should do away with all faith schools and integrate people.
    We should also carefully monitor schools, madrassas and mosques to ensure they are following the same curriculum in schools, there is not radicalisation or indoctrination.
    I do not like burqas and niqabs. I find covering the face is abhorrent and not British. What has happened over the last twenty years is that the wars in the Middle East have separated Muslims even more and turned them more stringently to their culture. They feel under attack. Back when I was a youth my Asian friends were very Westernised. It will settle down when all the wars stop. Interestingly the same thing happened in Pakistan. The young were all in Western garb but now they’re in traditional gear – it’s a reaction and a phase.
    English values of tolerance should be at the base of everything.
    Racism is on all sides. The only way to break it down is mixing and understanding each other. People are people.


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