ROD MCKUEN – APRIL 29, 1933 – JANUARY 29, 2015.

As some who kindly look at my blogs know by now that I am a great admirer of the late Poet Rod McKuen.  I also like Walt Whitman, someone else who was vilified so much, until his death. Amongst others I also like A E Housman.   You would not be wrong in believing I love Romantic Poetry.

The reason for this blog today is because Three Years ago today, Rod McKuen died and to date there are no memorials for him.  I had hoped that his name would appear on a street in San Francisco where his career seemed to start, where he read his poetry with the likes of Ginsberg/Dylan/Kerouac.  Where Rod sang in clubs, where he sold his first book out of the boot of his car.  Surely this man, Rod McKuen deserves better, his childhood/his young life/his working life its all unique, Rod was so special.

It is a great shame that nothing is done to remember Rod, he was and still is the biggest selling Poet not only in America but the World.  The amount of Honours that Rod McKuen received in his lifetime have been well forgotten, perhaps not by his devoted fans I hope.

So today, on Rod’s third Anniversary, I remember (we the fans remember) a lovely gentle kind soul that was Rod McKuen and despite the dreadful vilification he received not just in life but in death, to those who not only loved but read and listened to him sing his compositions, Rod will be remembered.

The following are just a few of Rod’s famous quotes;


Love I wear

as open as a wound

a mad mistake I know

but love, like lent

only comes to those of us

who still believe.



These long years later

it is worse

for I remember

what it was

as well as

what it might have been.



Even when you feel

you’ve reached the end

or edge of life,

hold on.

Life itself will ultimately

take care of you.



Never fear being alone,

because you are not



People are not born bastards.

They have to work at it.


Rod was called a “bastard” in an article by someone well known, the above was Rod’s response.  Rod McKuen worked with the British Government at the time and he helped towards it becoming Law in the UK that people have the right to know the name of their birth Mothers.




Rod       –       The World I Used to Know















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