Not Bad For His First Year As President!

Great Blog, a must read. Fantastic First Year, shame on those sour faced individuals who proved how jealous they were that President Trump has proved them wrong.

Cry and Howl

I watched the entire SOTU Address last night. President Trump’s presentation was pretty darn good. I watched it on my laptop at my kitchen table. I think the AP was showing it and the “author” or guy who was ‘analyzing’ the speech for them was named Dylan (something). Throughout the speech this moron would tweet and comment live on the site, desperately looking for anything he could find to put in a negative light. Like, “The only ‘bipartisan’ applause Trump is getting is …” and crap like that. And this other guy, Olivier ???, can’t remember his last name, kept tweeting live during the speech about how Trump wasn’t getting enthusiastic applause from the GOP, and that what the President said regarding chain-migration was false … and he claimed he was “fact-checking” the speech. Stunning is the only word I can apply to the utter hatred for President Trump. I…

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2 thoughts on “Not Bad For His First Year As President!

  1. That was an excellent post. Simply stated, 8 years of Obama was a record of economic stagnation, identity politics, rising taxes, all on the shoulders of a health care plan that Pelosi famously said “we won’t know what’s in until we pass it”. Aside from all of these issues, it appears that Obama politicized the FBI that should concern every American. His entire administration should be investigated for these actions, including him. And the left wants to charge treason?

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    1. Thank you Rob. I have to admit I never liked Obama, to me he let down America so much. Sorry to say he was elected for one reason only, he was the most ineffective President I can ever remember. I love America, its a long long time since I was there but I remember the kindness shown to me. So sad to see what eight years of Obama did to America. Now he is stating I read in the most expensive home any retired President has ever had, on Taxpayers money. More Blacks voted for President Trump than Clinton and that says a lot. It’s so good to see America Great Again in just a year, and I am delighted that this Country’s Special Relationship has it is know by goes on with President Trump. Embarrassed that it took this Government of ours and the Queen so long to issue an Official Visit to President Trump and the First Lady. Not only America needs President Trump after those disastrous long eight years of Obama but we do, the World does. Let’s hope that justice catches up with Obama.

      One interesting point, not read too much anti Trump speech online, so many do not like the truth. All the best as ever Rob.

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