No Country For Old White Men…..

The below is by Douglas Murray, a British Author and political commentator:-

“In recent months there has been a more than usually large glut of World War II films. Just as screenings of Dunkirk were thinning out there was the release of Darkest Hour. Both followed on from last year’s historically inept Churchill. But the success of Darkest Hour (and praise for Gary Oldman’s performance in particular) has been such that U.K. audiences have been giving standing ovations in the nation’s cinemas at the end of the film. “What does this mean?” various British pundits have pondered. Is it a melancholic expression of nostalgia for grander times? Or an expression of relief at some moral clarity after the ups-and-downs of the post-Brexit period? Or perhaps a new generation is rediscovering in the cinema part of their island’s story about which they can feel pride? While being skeptical of many such claims, the latter seems particularly unlikely. On Sunday in London there was a “women’s march” once again mirroring its sister event in Washington. Once again, as last year, the event centered around opposition to President Trump and the waving of vulgar placards to proclaim various causes from “anti-racism” to abortion rights. If one placard summed up the day (and, not to be too grandiose, something of the era) it would have to be this:


Of course, the young woman waving the placard proclaiming “No country for old white men” would seem to be white herself. And she probably also stands the usual chances of becoming old. More significant is the fact that behind her, just within shot of the camera, is the monument to the women of World War II. A little further behind that, just out of shot, is the cenotaph commemorating “The Glorious Dead” from both the First and Second World Wars. Every November, some of the remaining “old white men” gather in that place to remember their fallen comrades — young white men who never got a chance to get old. I suppose it is no use pointing out that if it weren’t for all those “white men,” our young pink-haired warrior wouldn’t be able to holler against “structures of oppression” and the like. Or, rather, she would have real “structures of oppression” to contend with. We’ll need more than a few big-budget films to address generational ignorance like this.”


I like what Douglas Murray had to say, I like his work.  That stupid pink haired girl shows the stupidity of students if that is what she is, that are coming out of our Universities, that we pay our Taxes for, because just alongside her someone held a placard that read “No to Racism”, what the hell was she but a racist for saying “No Country For Old White Men”  –  racism works both ways or are they that stupid they cannot tell the difference.

What really incenses me is the fact that this pink haired moron undoubtedly one of those Corbynistas/Momentum lot had the utter gall to wave that banner and screech her words near THE CENOTAPH, the very Monument that “those old white men” Parade Past every Remembrance Sunday, laying their Wreaths to all those YOUNG Men and Women that Died and those Old White Men, that stupid bitch could not recognise were the young men who fought and survived whilst their friends and colleagues died.

Without those “Old White Men” that ignorant child in an adult’s body would not have been able to spew her filth on the streets of London, A Free Country.  She should go to Russia, Syria and Countries where she would not have the Freedom to spew her ignorant filth.

Those Old White Men are what made this Country safe, maintained our Freedom, its for them and their Memory the British public must fight to keep our Standards our Values.  When people feel compelled to stand at the end of that film, stand for those that gave their lives those that survived the horrors, not some overpaid actor.


The above shows BBC coverage of the 2017 Armistice day silence/service (just YARDS from where this pathetic protest was held last month).  Also, the sacrifice of brave British Soldiers…..those who were lucky enough to survive the horror are apparently NOT WELCOME in the country they so bravely fought for, according to our young deluded taxpayer funded fool.

One thought on “No Country For Old White Men…..

  1. Such ill conceived posters by these insolent little whiners. Everything that they have in life was fought for – and for many – died for in war by these same old white men. Surely there were all people of color who gave the ultimate sacrifice, but white men – much like Christians – are the whipping boys of the secular left. The left once represented the working middle class, but as of late has been taken over by extremists and anarchist. Hopefully, the silent majority of this world will awaken from its slumber and reject their message.


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