This is just over three hours ago in my Country, the UNITED (joke) Kingdom.  Jacob Rees Mogg Tory Backbencher was addressing a University group of young people, when in stormed with their “Jackboots” on Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn/Momentum Extreme Marxist Left Wing Scum.  They had no justification to storm this University, and despite the terrible things that were being said even Mr Rees Mogg being called “Fascist C..t” the scum that spewed that out along with his fellow sheep, the majority not even from this Country listening to their voices, did not have the guts to take off their sunglasses, balaclavas and masks.

This Marxist scum are so brave they even started fights, which CALMLY Mr Rees Mogg tried to intervene and can he heard saying “calm down please calm down Ladies and Gentlemen””, he acted as the Gentleman” as he was being pulled and pushed and threatened. He is, and I hope to God, the Next Leader of the Conservative Party and this Country.  Mr Rees Mogg has shown immense strength tonight and signs of a Prospective Leader.

This is not what it might be like if Corbyn or rather Mcdonnell and Momentum gain power in Britain’s next General Election, this is exactly what we will have to tolerate in  this Country, the Marxist Extreme Left Wing Scum, that have destroyed so much of the Western World as it is.


    1. David there is very little respect here. People seem too scared to say what they really think for fear of being called racists. If the English do not stand up to be counted we will find ourselves under the control of the Marxist Left, it is so worrying here. If you do tell the truth you are accused of lies. There were banners the other Sunday a march right by the Cenotaph and one placard read “No Country for old White men”, so disgusting – the very men who fought and died for their freedom to spew their hate. I worry so much what is ahead for my Sons when I am gone.


  1. Well you certainly put a spin on that Anna. It was nothing to do with Corbyn or Momentum. It was a bunch of students at Bristol University protesting giving a platform to someone they consider racist and sexist. I don’t approve of the No Platform movement who are protesting at many universities to try to prevent racists and sexists having a platform. Personally I think those people should be listened to and argued with.
    Rees Mogg is a particularly unpleasant character on the extreme right which is where you seem to have headed. You want him for PM? Wow! I hope you get your way. He’d sink them forever.


  2. Opher you said “It was nothing to do with Corbyn or Momentum”. That’s completely wrong, watch the new video I added to the blog post and tell me that it had nothing to do with Labour/Momentum. It also wasn’t a bunch of Bristol university students, they were troublemakers stirred up my Momentum and just following orders from McDonnell (see video).

    How is Rees Mogg on the “extreme right”, he may be on the right side of the political spectrum but “extreme right”, come on Opher. Don’t tell me, it’s his personal religious views on abortion you are referring to?


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