German Women start campaign to bring attention to the MSM ignoring the Rape, attacks and Murder of German (and other European Women).  All attributed to mass immigration and open borders!

Maria, Ebba, Maria.   Don’t forget these names please.  These are the brave women throughout Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium, Holland, everywhere including here in my Country, the UK for years.

These male Immigrants who have been allowed to enter Europe, they believe when they see women, that they have the right to sexually assault them, Rape them.  White Women to them they have never seen dress they way they do, not covered head to toe in thick black cloths.  For these men these lovely women are a means to sexually alleviate themselves.  WELL THEY CANNOT.

I may have voted to leave Europe when the UK had the vote to Remain or Leave it was a Free vote.   That does not mean that I do not give my full support to these brave women all over Europe who have been sexually assaulted and Raped.  When my youngest Son showed me this clip below, I was shocked, appalled and sickened.  I sat there I could not say anything, the tears rolled down my cheeks.  I ask everyone, in particular women to please, please support these brave women throughout Europe.

The women of Germany are fighting back, and good for them and they encourage all women to join them.  This barbaric behaviour of these male immigrants and those Pakistanis in Rotherham here in England it has to stop it has to end now.  For many German women they already know how their Grandmothers/Aunts/female cousins/friends/neighbours suffered after the last War, when the Russian troops arrived and proceeded to Rape every woman regardless of age.

Please let these extremely brave women know that we all support them.  Yesterday, Today, Tonight more white women in Europe will be Raped.  WE MUST END THIS NOW.

Campaign Website:- http://www.120db.info (Video below)


  1. Martin Sellner (born January 8, 1989) is an Austrian activist, student, and the leader of the “New Right” Identitarian Movement of Austria He is considered a part of the alt-right movement by some news organizations. Biography[edit]. In April 2016, he disrupted a theatre performance of Elfriede Jelinek’s piece, Die …
    I’m afraid you’re putting out extreme right-wing propaganda from very dubious sources. They are trying to stir up hatred and distrust of immigrants by exaggerating the problem.
    Try to keep things in proportion Anna. I think you’re letting your imagination run away with you. The extreme right-wing is doing the same thing with Muslims that Hitler did with Jews.


    1. So these women are exaggerating being Sexually Assaulted and Raped, how dare you. If these were immigrant women would you be saying the same, NO you would not. I have everything in proportion, thank you very much. Check your facts when you mention the Jews, for Corbyn is anti Semitic as you very well know. Perhaps the time will come before too long when women in this Country are Raped and sexually assaulted, what would you do if it were your daughter or wife, say they are making it up. ROTHERHAM how quickly you dismiss that.

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      1. Thank you Rob. We have one big problem here in the UK, too many immigrants. Those that want their voices heard re all these immigrants are shut down, we are supposed to believe all these Mosques all these Muslim so called education centres are innocent, like hell. We have one of the latter here in the Town, there were so many objections, not listened too. The trouble here in the UK is the Enemy is Within, and too many people dismiss it. How many more bombs must go off in London how many more people killed by lunatics before the right voices are heard. One speaks out and the cry goes up Racist.


  2. In April 2016, he disrupted a theatre performance of Elfriede Jelinek’s piece, Die Schutzbefohlenen (theatre performance with migrants seeking for asylum[8]), backed by around 30 members of his organisation, spilling fake blood.[9] .
    Now you can’t have it both ways can you? Yesterday you were shouting about the extreme right-wing Rees-Mogg being heckled by a small number of students (that you were quick to label as Marxists without any evidence) and today you’re putting out extreme material from an Austrian extreme right-winger who disrupted a theatre production with thirty other activists and threw fake blood about.
    This guy is poison. The Austrian Fascists are on the rise again. This is precisely how they do it. Oh so plausible. Oh so hate-filled, racist and nasty.

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    1. Small number of students were they, they were not from Bristol in fact the students there to listen and discuss with Mr Rees Mogg were taking pictures of these scum. Yes, those that stormed the meeting were Marxist Left Wing scum no doubt sent by Momentum (a jackboot bullying organization you say nothing about), and if you listened to the clip you clearly would have heard that Marxist scum shouting “CORBYN CORBYN”, thats because they hated Corbyn was it? This Country is in danger of being taken over by the most dangerous of people IRA Supporter MacDonnell and Momentum. Left wing policies have done immense damage to America and they are trying to do it here. I don’t live in Austria I live here in the UK, I am not concerned with the Right Wing of Austria or Germany or Sweden or Denmark or Holland or France, I am concerned with keeping anti semitic Corbyn out, and when he stabs Corbyn in the back and takes over Mcdonnell and Momentum out. Disgusted that you would even think White women in Germany were making up being Raped/Sexually Assaulted. How far down the Marxist road you have gone!!


    1. How well I agree with you Rob. I am just shocked that so few people, especially women in this Country seem to care about what is going on in Europe and the attacks on white women. We are in danger in this Country with these Marxists so within the Labour Party.

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      1. It’s as though the citizenry of our countries are being sold out for the benefit of their political ideology. For some reason, the leftists hate the white population. They peddle in identity politics and have created the racism that they pretend to hate.

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