on the passage of time

How many of us feel this.

Leonard Durso

no use
at the clock
drag by
in sight

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5 thoughts on “on the passage of time

    1. Are you feeling any better poppet, its awful isn’t it when you wake you feel so bad, sit on the edge of the bed and time passes and everything takes so long, if only we could turn the clock back. When I think I would be up so early and working non stop all day!! I saw the Kidney Consultant last week, have to have more Infusions. When is it going to stop for the two of us.

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      1. I think I’m having kidney sympathy issues with you! Now they are wanting an ultrasound of MY kidneys! And I’m scheduled for an echocardiogram of my lungs next Tuesday. Seems there’s a problem there as well according to the pulmonary function test. Lordy, Anna. The two of us are a mess! 😦


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