Reblogging because the truth is not always pleasant but should be heard.

Ma 2 Bobs Worth

Trawling through the misinformation of todays world and aligning your views is such a disheartening thing to do.

We are all faced with a bombardment of information from differing sources and attempting to decipher whether one has an agenda over truth is the most difficult thing I always find. I have searched from an impartial news agency, but found none. If anyone can advise, pray tell.

As a Scotsman, living in Scotland I am far from the multicultural diversity spoke about across Europe and the rest of the UK, however I have been looking in over the last few years, as I have said in previous post, predominantly from the Scottish referendum and how the main stream media appeared to have a skewed agenda, fear mongering where necessary, which in turn reinvigorated my interest in politics and world news.



Since my youth, many years ago(about the times of…

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