So surprise, surprise Gerry Adams the Vice President of Sinn Fein (and involved in the Murder of hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people on BOTH sides of the divide) has publicly, in an interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr, for The “Andrew Marr Sunday morning” programme, endorsed Jeremy Corbyn, his old long time Friend for Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  Happily his old hand-puppet Martin McGuinness is deservingly burning in hell.  One only has to look at McGuinness’s face in the last years of his murderous life to see the fear that was held within.  With his devout Catholic beliefs he knew what awaited him in the afterlife, deservedly so in my opinion. Adams is a man who, whilst careful not to spill any blood on his own hands (although many openly dispute this) was still involved in countless Murders.  Including Catholics. This is a man Jeremy Corbyn associates with, who he calls a “Friend”.  Some fair minded people may say it’s possible gullible Jeremy thought he was making inroads with the IRA when he was overtly dealing with Murderers in the 70’s/80’s and beyond (poor little Jezza of course didn’t realise that even in the height of “the troubles” both the IRA and Downing Street had secret channels of communications, so his pathetic attempt to be the saviour was always in vain, even Adams knew that, but still used his “friend”.).  The fact is, this deluded fool was being used by Adams et-al so that they could attract media attention (at a time when they were banned and voices distorted on UK news).  Jeremy was used and played by murderers.  Yet, this is a man the British public are supposed to elect as Prime Minister, let alone trust!  He is an ENEMY of the UK.



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Well all those that play down Corbyn and McDonnell his Deputy deputy’s long term friendship with Gerry Adams and the late Martin McGuinness, what will those people say now, undoubtedly they will continue to be hypocrites.

God forbid this Country in the next Election, when ever they may be, voted for Corbyn and his cohorts, they must definitely tell themselves that they would be voting for leader and deputy (whatever order that might be, after the knife goes in Corbyn’s back, politically speaking) that not only have been long term friends with Adams and the late McGuinness, but they supported the violence of the IRA.

You cannot, I repeat, cannot endorse a violent murdering organisation like the IRA and not be seen to endorse their violence.

To all those that will vote for Corbyn or McDonnell depending who will be leader of Labour, once Momentum make it clear they want rid of Corbyn;

No1  You are voting for a Leader of this Country who endorsed by connection, the slaughter of British Troops who were sent to Northern Ireland to keep the Peace.

You will be voting for the man as leader of the Labour Party who via his friendship  of the IRA’s Vice President and his endorsement of the IRA’s barbaric violence not only in Northern Ireland but in England;



No2  Their attempted murder of this Country’s sitting Prime Minister at the time, The Rt Hon Mrs Margaret Thatcher.  Regardless of whether one voted for her or not, public outrage was shown that the IRA had attempted to Murder our Prime Minister.  Orders for the attempt to murder the PM undoubtedly came from Adams and McGuinness, and Corbyn and McDonnell  maintained their friendships with these men throughout.

You will be voting  for the leader of the Labour Party, who via his friendship and endorsement of Adams/McGuiness and the IRA;

NO3  The Crucifixion on a Good Friday (the Holiest of Holy dates in the Catholic Church) of two British Soldiers, and the gun being put to the head of a young Priest who tried despite death threats to himself, tried to give The Last Rites to these two young men slaughtered by the IRA, friends of Corbyn and McDonnell.




We have already seen on Friday evening the kind of scum who break up meetings at Bristol University, the Students had invited for debate Jacob Rees Mogg.  The scum that chanted “Corbyn Corbyn” as they abused Mr Rees Mogg and the Bristol Students, they will not care that Corbyn and McDonnell are still staunch supporters of the IRA.

There are enough people in this Country who at my age know what Northern Ireland was like, what it was like to have the bombs going off here in England, blowing apart innocent people.   Reading continually in the British papers the stories of what was going on in Northern Ireland, IRA murdering Protestants, Protestants murdering Catholics and both sides murdering their OWN.  Babies being murdered, pregnant women being blow up it goes on and on.  The violence made one feel physically sick and Corbyn and McDonnell all the time endorsed and maintained their good friendship with Adams and McGuinness.

This isn’t forgetting Corbyn’s support for Hamas, the PLO, support for overtly anti-semitic Labour Party members and most hypocritical of all (it’s a very difficult decision!) Jeremy’s acceptance of £20,000 GBP to speak on state sponsored Iranian TV, all whilst pedaling support for Feminism…it seems £20K is all it takes to remove Corbyn’s’ supposed principles.  That is despite the fact that Iran severely punishes Women for daring to remove their Hijabs.




So, when asked just over two years ago his opinion on some of the points raised here, as well as others, lets take a look as his answers:-

1. When asked ‘Do you condemn John McDonnell for praising the IRA?’ Corbyn stormed into his car and slammed the door

2. When asked: ‘Will you campaign to leave the EU?’ It took Mr Corbyn three days to clarify, in an editorial, that Labour would fight to remain in the EU (but later stated on live TV just DAYS before the referendum that he was at best 7/10 for remaining…..

3. When asked ‘Why no women in the top posts of your cabinet?’ He simply walked on in silence, calling out to a staffer, “there’s people bothering me”

4. When asked ‘Why didn’t you sing the national anthem?’ Corbyn refused to explain himself to reporters, simply dashing to his car

5. When asked ‘Will you ever sing the national anthem? Corbyn could only respond that he would “take part fully” in future events.

It is therefore, an utter shame he didn’t attend the service of remembrance for the millions of brave British/Commonwealth Soldiers who sacrificed their lives for not only himself but everyone in the UK and beyond.  Apparently Jeremy was too busy “Visiting an old friend”, despite being the leader of the Queen’s opposition and a potential Prime Minister. This man wants to lead a country he despises, or perhaps it’s our long held values he despises.  That is despite benefiting from them, as does he wife(inc ex’s), Children (whom he employes at a cost to the deluded Labour party members, who pay their subs genuinely believing this man is the second coming.) The wan is a walking contradiction, it borders on comedy.

Every day more and more is revealed of the dangers of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, all the bluffing for those that claim Labour are the best Party to win an election, who are these supporters fooling, only themselves.

As most people know Jon Lansman runs Momentum, the great socialist?  He attended the Fee paying Independent Highgate School, like Corbyn comes from money and had a good upbringing, socialist with big bucks background?

Momentum call the shots for the Labour Party, they bully they threaten they even get rid of those representing Labour in local councils and install their own men/women.  Momentum are dangerous, if this is the way Labour has gone why would anyone want to vote for them.

Only time will tell what will happen, but one thing is sure I will keep warning of the dangers of Corbyn or even MacDonnell as Prime Minister of this Country and I will keep warning of the dangers of the Marxist Far Left Momentum.




    1. I have never liked Adams or McGuinness, they were/are murderers one is burning in hell lets hope the other will too. I don’t like the hypocrisy of Corbyn or Mcdonnell, I don’t like the dangerous Momentum the Marxist leader and I don’t like the utter hypocrisy of the head of “Say no to hate campaign”, now being investigated for the second time on sexual assaults. Some Labour Party, as for the rest of them, all shady. Corbyn endorsed by a Terrorist, all be it now pretending to be the great Leader of murders says it all.


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