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(Featured image) Credit: “Timeout” – a Gordon Johnson painting

How Niagara Falls earned the title of Honeymoon Capital

BySherman Zavitz, special to Postmedia News

A Valentine’s Day postcard from around 1915. Unfortunately, there is a spelling error in the verse. (Sherman Zavitz Collection Special to Niagara Falls Review)

Niagara – With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s an appropriate time to recall Niagara Falls’ lengthy and prominent role in the world of love and romance – a role especially renowned due to the city’s fame as a honeymoon destination.

The tradition of newlyweds coming to Niagara began, it appears, in the late 1830s. One piece of evidence to support this dating is a popular song of 1841.

The first verse goes like this:

Oh the lovers come a thousand miles,

They leave their home and mother;

Yet when they reach Niagara Falls,

They only see each other.


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