We’ll always love you

Always shows such a devoted Mother and her love for her precious Son. If only all Mothers could be like this.

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Tuesday 13th February


We’ll always love you sweetie

And will miss you forever

Fly high precious starman

With all the angels together

A life taken far too soon

But so much to remember

Everything you achieved

And your brave endeavour

You’ll never leave my heart

Though I’ll always wonder whether

If you’re nearby my darling

Still as cheeky and clever



Another breezy day

Porthmeor Beach

A curious seagull

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One thought on “We’ll always love you

  1. Man what I wouldn’t give to spend some time on that beach…

    Btw, I was supposed to have an echocardiogram or MRI on my lungs this morning. But when I got to the hospital the pulmonologist had ordered it for the heart. I was fit to be tied. Had I wanted that test I would have gone to my cardiologist. Finally got the pulmonologist’s office on the phone and he said well, he wanted to do this one first. But the thing is, they told me there was something IN my lungs.

    In the end I went ahead and let them do the test, even though I had one when I was in the hospital. But now I’ll have to have a second test for the lungs. Arn was fit to be tied when he found out there’d be a second test. Our insurance won’t cover ANYTHING until I meet my $4000 deductible. This test was $1190. With the second one I may be halfway there! I just wish things would settle down so I could learn to live with this without something new cropping up every month. We would really like to go to Hawaii in April since we missed Ireland. But I need to know I can handle it. The cruise leaves on our anniversary. We will have been married for 46 years! Lordy that seems like a long time!!!


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