My youngest Son did the shopping for me Friday, and came home with not only a lot of goodies but a bag full of toys for our dog, now its not as though she is short of toys, they are everywhere.  These toys were something else, most came from a well known card shop and were, well not that cheap.  Some you could say we’re quite nasty, inasmuch as sickening over the top  –  fluffy teddy bears, fluffy dogs holding cloth red roses another holding little silk pillow with words of love even a fluffy monkey with a tie around his neck stating “tied to you forever”, now you could take that another way “Stop it” I hear myself say.  I put the other Bears away for another time.

I said to David “they are so gordy!”.  “yes but Daisy will love them” he said with me telling him “I think there would be a lot of girls in this town who will have one of those on Valentines day”.  “Talking about Valentine Days” he said  as he disappeared into our hall coming back with a wonderful bouquet of Creamy Pink Roses and Lilies and ferns and well you can imagine and then a tall Orchid “these are not for Valentine’s Day but I thought you would like them” he said.   Did I,  I so love my flowers, I get spoilt and its lovely.

Back to Daisy when David gave her the toys she was running around up and down the hall with one/two bears in the month, the monkey tossed in the air, running up and down like the cross lurcher she is, the she gets tired so quickly and throws herself down lays on the toys, and then the inevitable, the chewing of them starts and its me “stop it daisy, stop that”  and what does Daisy do, well she does what she always does, Daisy ignored me.

That night, Daisy took her three new toys up stairs to bed with her, she always does that, which is every week!!  I dare not look at the fluffy bear/dog or monkey because they will have been amputated somewhere by now.  I forgot to say that whilst David was out he popped into The Mind charity store and brought home a fluffy dog toy dressed in a Spiderman costume, but to me this thing looked really scary with his face mask which dare I say looked like something else, very weird.  The fluffy toy was in perfect condition, but rather scary for a child.

Valentines Day this wednesday, well if I can dose myself up with enough pain killers to cope with this rib pain after my ridiculously stupid fall Sunday morning, I have an appointment with the hairdresser.  I suspect the women in there will all be swapping stories on the cards and gifts they received.  I used to get embarrassed by Valentines Day.  Not anymore.

Why not, well I got used to a Husband of 19 years (thats how long we were married until he, David died) who never gave me a Valentines Card let along Flowers or even a fluffy bear.  I used to privately get hurt but what was the point.  Oh, my Husband would tell me once a week “buy yourself some flowers out of the housekeeping” and sometimes I would but it was not the same as your husband giving you flowers.

Once a long time ago after we were married David had flowers for me, but when he came out of the railway station after travelling from the office in London to home, as he went to get the car it was gone, stolen.  When David eventually got home he blamed me telling me had he not stopped to buy the flowers the car would not have been stolen?  That was the last time he ever gave me flowers, not even when I gave Birth to our two Sons or I had to go into Hospital years ago in London for an operation, did he buy flowers.

So this Wednesday Valentines Day will pass like it does every year, used to it by now.  As for the wonderful Bouquet of pinky creamy white Roses from my Son and my beautiful Orchid, I so love my Orchid plants, they are still looking and smelling gorgeous.


Wednesday February 14    –   Just returned from the Hairdressers after having my hair cut and styled, washed, all the trimmings like being pampered for several hours.  As I left I was handed a sweet Red Rose, so shocked but delighted.  First Red Rose I have ever had on Valentines Day.

I hope you have a lovely Valentines Evening  and I send my love to all those that took the trouble to read this blog.  As ever, take care.






5 thoughts on “VALENTINES DAY – YES OR NO

    1. Going to take some pictures of Daisy, hopefully with those toys, I’ll ask David to put them on here, I have no idea how to do it – too complicated for me. Very sore at the moment Opher, finding it hard to cough or blow my nose and laughing is too painful. Very blackish blue, I bruise a lot, because my blood is so thin I bleed and bruise more than I used to. Thanks for asking.


  1. You fell again, Anna? Good grief, woman. Not into the TV stand again, I hope. What are we going to do with you? Wrap you in bubble wrap??? ❤

    As to Valentine's Day, it's a scam really. If you've given your heart and soul to someone, what more precious do you have to give? It's not a big deal around our house…

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    1. It’s a means of taking money off people. As I said we never gave each other anything. Yes Cheryl, another fall my balance is so bad, worried about it, but I was trying to put a new duvet cover on and my foot got caught and bang hit my left side off corner of wooden ottoman and crashed to floor.. As the days have gone on its become more painful, all bruised of course, oh well I’ll get over it and wait for the next fall. Funny thing, when I saw the Kidney Consultant a week or so ago he asked me if I was experiencing any falls, I said No.

      See you have had more problems, what is wrong with the two of us, don’t you find Cheryl you get one problem and that gets sorted and straight away something else goes wrong. The two of us have been like this for what two years. Will you ever get to Ireland, will I ever get to San Francisco? Let alone get together. Do you get pains down your legs and can’t walk for long, do you get very tired. I have to have more infusions. Look after yourself poppet.

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      1. My biggest problem is actually muscle strength with this MG stuff. Still not doing well going up and down stairs. I don’t know, Anna. We have booked a 15-day cruise to Hawaii for our anniversary next year. It leaves San Fran on April 28. If I do ok on that one (there’s a lot of days at sea) we will reconsider the UK one. I sure hope at some point the two of us ole gals can have a bloomin’ cup of tea together!!! {{{Anna}}}


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