February sunshine

but freezing cold

turn the heating up

its up as high

as it will go


Valentines Day

and the rain appears

freezing cold

shivering to the bones


Thinking of Love

not me

well just a little

aren’t we all


Love comes in every form

for that special man or woman

or our children

and of course our Pets


We don’t need a Special Day

Love is there all the time

even if we can’t see

the one we love anymore


We love them

and always will

wherever they are


If we don’t have Love within us

If we don’t have a tender Soul

what is the point of it all

we were made to love

love makes a person


I have seen those

incapable of giving love

or even wanting love

they are hard and bitter


Be Romantic be soft

be tender

feel inside of yoursrelf

the love you have


And share it

don’t be ashamed to love someone

we can no longer see or hear

they see us they love us





That absolutely great film and music LOVE STORY.  When I saw it in London’s West End all those long years ago, I cried my eyes out, and still do.  Thought how good it would be to be in love like that, did it happen?


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