Is it possible for people, our age

young in the mind

older in body

which we hate to admit

simple question

can we fall in love again?


Why do the years go by so fast

when we think they will last

yet we blink and they are gone

we wasted the years

we’d fall in love

it seemed, all the time


There he is, handsome

the heart flutters and there you go

falling in love again

over and over the heart falls

the head never thinks it through

if only young again


One day you see your chance

for happiness again

love or whatever it means

has fooled you once again


Time gone by

how the years do fly

Love, are we too old

If Love were to come

Are we too old

to give our hearts and souls


Hearts flutter, love may be

Is it possible to love again

even for such a small time

to feel the warmth

of that body next to yours


To share the excitement

of making love

and experienceing

the real love

not the pretense


Two lonely people

that day will come

when we will be one




The very beautiful Doris Day   –   “When I Fall In Love”  (One of my all time favourites)

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