She holds her baby tightly

safe in her arms

the baby looks to be fed

away from danger

safe from guns


Here at last

the mother could have her baby

and know that they could be happy

only kind faces here


So Mama Ape is safe

and baby Kiko is here

living in freedom

with their own kind

and safe so safe


No darts to kill

no guns that murder

no one to end their existence

before their due time


Near to mama

and to feel her nearness

and love

in this safe Reserve

Away from dangerous men






Ella Fitzgerald    –    The Nearness Of You



2 thoughts on “THE NEARNESS

    1. It is indeed Opher, I hope I don’t live to see the day when there are no Tigers/Lions/Polar Bears/Elephants/Monkeys etc/and my beautiful Bears and all the other poor creatures being destroyed.


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