As she looked back at him

he was now superfluous to her needs

it seemed such a long time ago

when everyday she had to be with him


They left each other

whatever true feelings they had

they hid

or was it

she hid hers better


“That Bastard”

she wrote in her diary

she felt pain

they both did


But no turning back

both too stubborn

“I don’t need him I really don’t”

she cried


As she walked away

the tears rolling down her cheeks

too proud to turn around

people rushing by

too busy to notice her tears


“The stupid little fool”

he said out loud

“she knows I love her, I’m sorry”

as he rubbed the palm of his right hand

across his face


His slender fingers rubbing his beard

once, twice, three times

he was walking into the distance

he turned she was gone


A song that makes the heart ache yet  its a special ache of love.

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