The Truth

what is the truth

is it what we want it to be

are we fools


People twist the truth

to suit themselves

despite the damage

it can do


Colour blind we are

when we deny the real truth

and twist it

hoping to fools others


The truth can be painful

the Truth can be unpleasant

The Truth we can deny

But the Truth we should admit to

The Truth is really all we have



Pink Floyd  –  The Endless River

I have never heard this until now, its so soothing so lovely.  Hope you like it too.




5 thoughts on “THE TRUTH

    1. The truth is what you feel inside, what your guts tell you is right, even if the truth is not what one wants to hear like a loved one’s early death – its a fact that one has to face has to accept – if your guts tell you different to what you are being told go with your guts. I know what you are getting at – and I see the truth and the dangers.


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