Well, I am so enjoying watching Labours Leader here in the UK, Jeremy Corbyn, dig himself deeper into his holes.  You couldn’t make up the headlines that seem to appear everyday now.

The latest being that Corbyn and Labour (probably on the orders of Momentum, but then Corbyn is Leader of the Party) has enlisted the support of the first as its called transgender, a  so called “model”.  This person was sacked by the World Famous L’Oreal Company.  This individual then proclaimed that “ALL WHITES ARE RACISTS” she claimed amongst other things that all Whites were Violent and Oppressive.  The Whites are violent, really?  She needs to take a good look at American Prisons and tell me how many Blacks are in there for violent acts.  How many Blacks are on the UK’s streets dealing drugs.  All those WHITES in the Labour Party  and ALL those Whites that vote Labour are now according to her and as Labour/Corbyn has hired her,  all Whites are Racists.

The position that this transgender so called “model” has been given, well here I would not be surprised if you did not laugh, it has been enlisted as, wait for it…………….”EQUALITIES ADVISER TO LABOUR”.  WELL EXCUSE ME AS I WIPE THE TEARS FROM MY EYES from Laughing, the stench of hypocrisy is reaching such a long way.

These Labour Left Wing Loonies condemn the Conservative Party, they ridicule and insult President Trump, they have to be joking.  They need to take a really hard look at themselves, they are an absolute joke.  The Labour Party is FINISHED, and all those that continue to deny it only have to listen to the real members of Labour, the real Labour MPs they are watching Corbyn, MacDonnell and Momentum destroy the once well loved and respected by the Working Class.

This is without doubt the Loonies of the Far Left Wing Labour Party going off their heads, with Corbyn at the top.  They are bullies, they are thugs and no respecting intelligent human being would or should vote for them.  I say this as a former Labour Supporter from age 21 when I was first allowed to vote.  I never, ever thought I would see the day when the Labour Party would end up like this.  Corbyn admires Terrorists amongst others the IRA, the PLO.  Corbyn is Anti Semitic.  He hates Americans, he hates anyone in the West who has been successful, he is trying to deny all those that voted for Brexit their legitimate vote.  He admires Stalin, he admires the Communists, my God the list is so long  –  thats for another day.

Keep on digging your holes Corbyn, I am so enjoying watching you do so.

Keep watching this space there is more to come, so much more.








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