Is it a crime to kill

the noblest animal

left on this planet

“No, its a Sin to do so”



Those last words

spoken by Clint Eastwood

in his exceptional film

“White Hunter Black Heart”


When those that go to murder

such a wonderful Animal

do they ever look

into the eyes of the Elephant


Well they should

for they will see the tears

in those eyes

the tears of a soon to die

magnificent Animal


The Elephant

how long more

will they roam our earth

will they be

just a Memory




10 thoughts on “IT’S A SIN TO KILL

  1. Its very sad how man will destroy that one that made man
    Nature,what sense is there when we look to our children for our future,yet its more important to own a gun,its sad how man has taken what the gods gave him his nature and turned it against man itself
    Very,very sad

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    1. They are just so majestic. The first time I saw an Elephant was as a child when taken to London Zoo. I really don’t like the Zoo – a reserve is better. They have to be protected before they are all butchered.

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