So at last the truth comes out.  Out of the mouth of Angela Merkel in Germany, and what exactly has she said or rather admitted much to the shock of everyone that heard her.

Angela Merkel finally admitted what far too many people have been saying for far too long, and it was this.  Merkel admitted that there are certain NO GO AREAS in Germany.  NO GO AREAS she has said that the Authorities, the Police dare not go to.

“The Police dare not go to these areas”, to hear those words it is appalling.  What the hell has Angela Merkel allowed to happen.

All of this is her problem, she caused it all with those words to all those immigrants and migrants “COME ALL WELCOME”, well now its all out of control.

There is so much violence, sexual assaults, rape  –  which has been denied by those who do not want to face the truth, mainly these Left Wing Loonies.  All these sexual assaults and Rapes its all been exaggerated by the Right Wing many say.  Well it is not lies it is ALL TRUE and now Merkel has confirmed its all out of control.

What, one may ask is Mrs Merkel going to do about this, she caused it she must deal with it.  The question also begs to be asked what exactly will the Government here in the UK do about what’s going on in this Country which they seem to sweep under the rugs, and the Far Left say we are imagining it all.  Well one imagines the latest news the other day that in Rotherham where Pakistani Men are still allowed to abduct and sexually assault and rape girls, it is still going on a very young  girl taken and raped by these men.  What does the local authority do NOTHING, what does the Government do NOTHING.  What does Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Far Left Labour Party say well NOTHING of course.

We need Answers in this Country and we need them now.

As for Mrs Merkel, I give her no praise for what she has said today, I condemn her for causing these problems throughout Europe.





Angela Merkel  –  NO GO AREAS

4 thoughts on “AT LAST THE TRUTH

  1. And over that past 70 years, the German male has morphed into spineless pleasure-loving wimps. Imagine German men being told NOT to defend their homes and they follow such a dastardly command.

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    1. David it is no different here, so many young men act more like women. Women have become the males, its awful to watch. My two Sons are in their 30s now and still at home, I keep telling them they need to have a life of their own and all I get back is “we are fine here” but they are real Men no woman would boss them. I don’t like seeing the way men no longer are like men, its sad. The German males always so strong, determined, goodness where will it end David. I can’t see Germany going on much longer the way they are, something is happening. Part of being a woman was to be flattered by a man, had a door opened for you things like that, an arm around you. I worked in London before marriage and I guess now the things I took as normal would be by some women called “sexual assault”, women have gone overboard, no chap knows what to do now in case he’s accused of something, so ridiculous. I loved being flattered, a wolf whistle a cheeky comment. When I married my husband was 30 years older than me, he told me he did not want me working any longer, just as I got promotion at the Prudential, I did what he wanted, can you imagine now a woman doing what I did. It’s all crazy.


      1. The world is upside down. Here in the US, they talk about masculine toxicity. The truth is, the family fabric is torn apart WITHOUT a male role model. But the larger point here, is the willingness of the left to lose their national sovereignty in exchange for more immigrants, with the hope and intention that these immigrants will vote for them. I understand France is in a similar situation. Places where it’s not safe for people to travel, where law enforcement won’t even go. The shame is, that the liberals in the US want a Euro style government here. I’m shocked and amazed that right before them is the outcome of what they’re trying to do – and it’s very bad.


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