She stood there alone, at the balcony overlooking the blue Ocean.  Behind her people were laughing, drinking, talking having fun.  Yet alone she stood but not alone in her mind, for she was there, in his arms, together close and in love. They had met by accident but for her it was instant, she easily fell in love, but this was different this time her heart ached.  She was excited just thinking of him, waiting to hear from him, did he feel the same she hoped he did but did he.

He did return her love it surprises him how he felt but he knew by the second time they met there on the balcony, he knew he was in love with her.  Their love was exciting, enthralling, passionate, sensuous.  He laughed when he told her “I love you for kissing me in a cab” “was it not you that kissed me” she said with her smile.  They made love whenever they could, wrapped in each others arms naked, their limbs entwined, how she loved him.  She was his, he was the first and deep in her heart she knew he would be the last.

They couldn’t bear to be parted, even when not together he told her “every second every minute every hour of the day all I think of is you, all I want is you”, they kissed he held her tight close into his chest, tender little kisses.  She pushed aside thoughts that entered her head those thoughts that kept nagging at her, that this all would not last that one day she would be alone again.  “no, no” she would cry in her sleep when the thoughts would wake her.

The months passed by and then one evening,  as she waited for him, and waited and he would not be there.  She stood alone  her right hand on the balcony, her left hand held a G&T, the Ocean was calm, the room full of happy people still.   Suddenly a voice “can I buy you another drink” she looked up in her heart she thought “Jack” but it was not Jack, “you can’t be Jack” she said silently.  “my name is Laurence, I know your name I asked” said this man called Laurence “you asked” she said looking up at him hoping he could not see the tears in her eyes, her tears for Jack.  “I know you are Sally, I’ve seen you here alone quite a few times now, I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you” he said.  “No, no its fine please I’m sorry I must seem so rude”, she extended her hand and he took it holding it tenderly,  “would you care for another drink” he asked, “yes thank you just a tonic nothing else” Sally said half smiling at him.  “I’ll be back very soon”, Laurence walked away, she turned to look to the Ocean and the tears fell, the music played “soon, they were Jack’s words to me before” she couldn’t finish what she wanted to say, she sobbed silently, her heart broken her heart ached so much it could never stop hurting she knew that, she loved Jack so much he was the only one.

She felt a warm hand on her shoulder turning it was Laurence, he handed her the glass of tonic water, “I know who you were hoping it would be, I know about Jack Woljek, I’m so sorry, he was a fine man”, Sally looked up at Laurence the tears still there she nodded “indeed he was, I loved, love him so” she told Laurence.  “I knew that I was just hoping we could be friends” said Laurence, as Sally looked into his eyes she answered “may be we can”, Laurence took her right hand in his, as she turned to look at the Ocean and Jack.





The great Vic Damone  and the very moving “My Foolish Heart”.


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