God is good if Oprah says so

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Cry and Howl

Ah yes, conservatives are just so hypocritical! They cling to guns and Bibles and embrace those dastardly so-called “rights” mentioned off-hand and antiquated now in the Constitution. Now liberals, that’s a whole different kind of hypocrisy. This will be brief as most of us already know the intolerance of Democrats / liberals … progressives, socialists, Marxists, “ists” of every make and model. Here’s a good one. Just a few weeks ago Vice President Pence was mocked and scorned because he’s a man committed to Christian values and believes in God and tries to live his life accordingly. He won’t place himself in any compromising situation, and won’t even give the appearance of doing something unsavory … such as having dinner with a woman without his wife present (he got mercilessly bashed over that one). Side note here, perhaps we could ask a whole bunch of men how something like that…

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4 thoughts on “God is good if Oprah says so

    1. Opher, how do you have the gall to say such nasty things about people you don’t even know, the trouble with you is you do not like to hear the truth or any mention of God. You can insult me as you do but do not insult people I like. As to “what has happened to you” comment, nothing has happened except that I am finally saying in public what I believe. I have my own mind, you and I don’t agree politically. I love my Country, you have problems with that. I will not stand by and let a load of Anti Semitic, Marxist Far Left Wing loonies take over this Country and destroy it. Obama did NOTHING in America for 8 long years, elected only for being Black. He has no right to interfere or condemn President Trump. “crazed gun toting right wing nutcases” and what the hell do you think Corbyn/McDonnell are IRA supporters of people who murdered British Soldiers, obviously you care very little for this Country’s Troops.

      Wait for the next load of Bombs, Killings to take place by the Terrorists that we have allowed into the UK and the Terrorists that were taught to be so in the UK and we do nothing. Wait for the Next TERRORIST attack, because there will be one. The UK has far too many home grown Terrorists. Now who is “gun toting and crazy”??

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