He had reached the valley it was like a picture, he sat on a rock and surveyed all that was around him.  The long grasses, the wildflowers, the yellows and blues and orange spread like a blanket in front of his eyes.

After resting for a while he decided to move on but suddenly felt so tired, he felt he must have closed his eyes for a while even nodded off for a few minutes.  He decided to move on and feeling the long grasses with his fingers, in the distance there seemed to be an assortment of flashing lights, “lights here” he said to himself, “I must be tired yet what is all that in the distance, they look like lights” he told himself.

As he walked on, there in the distance it looked like woodland, “yes it is woodland” he said out loud.  The sun was bright and it was warm and there before him were those lights, only this time the lights seemed to surround him, “they are dancing, this is all mad, what on earth is going on” he asks himself.

Before he knew where he was he was standing in the woodland, he was surrounded with such high Trees, shrubs and bushes, Camelia crawling up the trees, pink camellias even the Rhododendrons were so tall, the white and pink and purple flowers on the Rhododendron bushes he could see went as high as his eye.  As the lights the multi coloured lights continued dancing around him he felt he was being led deeper and deeper into the woods.

Suddenly there before him was this cottage this pretty looking cottage red ivor covered its walls, “it looks like something you would find in a Thomas Kinkade painting” he said out loud, “who is he” he heard this woman’s voice say.

Frederick Lefane searched with his eyes to see where the voice had come from and there in the centre of the dancing lights stood this girl, this woman. She stood there her long auburn hair fell over her shoulders and down to her waist, her green eyes stared at him, neither spoke, as Frederick looked at the girl, her long green dress reached to her ankles at the top of her arms the dress had puffy sleeves, the dress had a low cut front and he could see her bosoms rising and falling as she breathed it seemed heavily.  Up and down, up and down her bosoms were going and all the time she never took her eyes off  Frederick.

“I wonder what her name is” thought Frederick, as he approached her she moved back, Frederick called out “I am Frederick Lefane, I come from London, I got lost well sort of, I saw these lights that seemed to draw me to here, what is your name” he asked.  The girl rose her arms and with her hands she beckoned him to come close, all the time he could see her ample bosoms rising and falling.  He drew close to the girl and he could see how beautiful she was her hair glistened like golden strands running through her hair

“Come, do please come in” said the girl as she beckoned for Frederick to enter the cottage and he did so, stepping down the few wooden steps into the cottage.  Frederick looked around and he had never seen anything like this before, he looked to where the girl stood by the open fire “what is your name” he asked once more.  She looked straight at him with her bright green shining eyes “its Aurora” he answered as her bosoms rose and fell rose and fell and Frederick tried not to stare too much at  her bosoms.

“Its alright, I don’t mind you looking at my breasts, I really don’t mind you know”, Frederick could not believe what the girl had just said to him.  She bent down and lifted the large black iron kettle off the long pole with a hook on the end that held the black kettle, Frederick reached over “please let me help you, it looks so heavy” as he took the kettle indeed it was heavy.  “Thank you Frederick, I shall make some tea, you would like tea yes”, she asked of him.  “Yes, indeed I would like some, may I help in any way” he asked.

The girl turned to him and touching his hand she said “on the shelf there” she pointed to this wooden shelf unit “the square tin, it has cakes I made this morning, could you get it for me” she said softly.  Frederick took the tin from the shelf and opened it for the girl, there inside were the daintiest little cakes, pastry and sponge with fruit toppings and piped cream, and cherries and nuts scattered on the tops they looked so good.

Aurora removed some of the cakes from the tin and placed them, on this plate, she gave Frederick a cup and saucer with spoon and one for herself, she picked up the teapot and stood by Frederick, “please sit here” she asked and he did so.  Aurora lent over him as she poured the tea “shall I put some milk in” she asked “yes please, just a little” said Frederick, he could not but notice her ample bosoms which looked so white as they rose and fell rose and fell.  “Frederick please help yourself to a cake” Aurora asked him, as Frederick placed one of the dainty cakes on his plate he looked at Aurora and asked “do you live here alone”, “yes I do, and I never am lonely” said Aurora “you’re not”  asked Frederick “no never, Benjamin” she called softly and this large Dog appeared and sat by her side, and its head it placed on her lap.  Benjamin kept staring at Frederick and made him feel uneasy, “its alright Benjamin is a good judge of anyone that comes here and if he feels uncomfortable he protects me” said Aurora.  “He protects you, how does he protect you” asked Frederick.

“You would have known by now if Benjamin felt uncomfortable with you, he puts his head on my lap if all is well” said Aurora with the first smile on her face he had seen since he first saw her.   “Aurora” said Frederick “Yes” answered Aurora as she lifted her head from placing a kiss on Benjamin’s head, suddenly Frederick felt jealous not only to have received a sweet kiss from those lips but to have those soft cloud pillows  that were Aurora’s bosoms touching one, he so wanted to touch and kiss them.

“Your name is so beautiful where does it come from” enquired Frederick, “Its a Roman Goddess, it’s also the Aurora Borealis Northern lights” she told him, he smiled “that would explain the lights” he said “urrgh the lights you saw the lights” she said, “yes, it was as though they drove me here” said Frederick, “they did, come sit here Frederick, please come”.  Frederick looked to Aurora and there she sat on cushions on  the floor by the large fire, her auburn hair stretched out, the black velvet ribbon had slipped down to the end of her hair.  She put her head all the way over and removed the velvet ribbon, doing so her hair tousled all over her shoulders and some curls fell onto her bosoms, she looked so special there by the fire, Frederick was sure he could see lights dancing in the fire.

Aurora reached out her right hand to Frederick, he took her hand and sat on the cushions too.  He looked deep into Aurora’s eyes and lifted the hair from her bosoms that had fallen on them.  Frederick was drawn he felt to the lights in the fire and Aurora’s eyes, and her bosoms those bosoms that looked so soft like angels pillows, her soft lips that were without doubt inviting.  He suddenly thought “Benjamin” but when Frederick looked there by the left hand side of the fire near Aurora laid Benjamin, his face his eyes watching Frederick, but no movements the dog made.

It was odd but Frederick felt like he was floating, he was floating and the lights were dancing around him, as was Aurora, her long dress swish swish as it passed over his hands, was he dreaming, was he really here in this cottage this strange but magical cottage. That was surrounded by all those tall trees and the shrubs the Camelias the Rhododendrons the wild flowers the creatures that lived around the cottage.  Most of all Aurora said Frederick to himself.  “Have I imagined Aurora, this beautiful creature” he said to himself.

“No Frederic, you have not imagined me” and suddenly he felt her lips on his, her body close to his, as she undone his suede jacket and took it off his body, then he felt her fingers on his shirt the buttons being undone and her hands holding the shirt, removing it from his body, he felt her fingers running up and down his chest and then her hair tickling his skin just before he felt those lips kissing his chest.

Frederick held her close to him as he kissed her on her lips, he kissed her neck and down to her bosoms they were soft so very soft, the were calling to be kissed, he let his tongue gently stroke her breasts.  “Frederick, Frederick” her sweet voice called out as she lifted his head “am I dreaming you’re not real are you Aurora”, “I am real, here feel” as she placed his fingers on her breast he wanted them he wanted her, he wanted to feel those bosoms those nipples with his hands, his mouth” if only” he thought, suddenly aware that the lights in the fire were stronger, brighter as they danced around and around  like the Grandfather Clock in his Reception Hall, the big hands went around and around he was feeling dizzy, as Aurora placed his hands on the buttons on the dress, he undone them quickly and her bosoms were there in his hands, how soft like clouds he thought so white creamy white and soft, yet these firm nipples that called to him to be kissed.

“Aurora” he whispered as he laid her down and his body laid next to her and the lights continued to dance in the fire.  “Your wine Frederick its there look” as she pointed to the glass standing by the cushion, Frederick placed some to her lips, but she declined, “its all for you Frederick” she said and he drank it down.  Frederick kissed her full on the mouth then her neck left and right as he held her bosoms in his hands, he kissed them, his tongue gently rolled up and down, he held her nipples between his fingers and  rolled his tongue around the nipples.   How sweet they tasted to him, she sat up and turned her back to him, undo the back Frederick, please” she said.  Frederick complied to her wishes, and his own.

When he undone the back of her dress, she put her hands to her shoulders, as did Frederick and together they let the dress slip off her shoulders, she turned to him her ample bosoms waiting to be touched Frederick helped remove the dress and it fell to the floor, Aurora stepped out of the dress she stood there in front of Frederick, naked, looking so pure.  Frederick wanted her, he felt the passion the lust within him.  He held her, his hands feeling her body how smooth she was.  Then she was removing his belt to his pants undoing the buttons, they laughed and Frederick quickly removed his clothes he stood in front of her she put her arms around his neck, his hands were on her bottom soft as a baby Frederick lifted her up and laid her back down onto the pillows.

He was hot he wanted her, he wanted her now he could think of nothing else but Aurora, he looked to the fire, the lights were brighter dancing going around and around. He gently squeezed her bosoms, with his hands he ran them down her legs, inside her legs his fingers exciting her her bosoms rising and falling faster and faster, then she lifted her head and with  her hands swung her long hair back, “Frederick, Frederick, how much do you want me” she asked.  She pushed him off her he looked at her and wondered what she wanted, he need not have worried for she was there on him she pushed his hands back away from his body and hers, her hands rubbed his legs then she held his balls in her hands Frederick laughed ” did you want to play with them” he said “yes and this she said” as she held his penis and gently rubbed it, and her tongue feeling all over, “Aurora, oh Aurora” he called to her, as she kissed him and he felt her bosoms on his chest.

He could feel how hot she was, he was sweating as they made love, over and over and as he tasted her this was all so perfect.  Frederick felt tired and Aurora stroked his head as they laid together she held his head to her bosoms, he could just see that the lights were not so bright, the fire was not so high, “what  is wrong” asked Frederick, “nothing my sweet Frederick, nothing at all, quiet, sleep Frederick, close your  eyes, sleep” she said.  Frederick felt himself falling and falling he couldn’t lift his eyelids.

When Frederick woke he was there on a soft bed of woodland leaves, when he looked up the strong sun was shining through the trees, he spread his hands and felt the long grasses, he turned his head he could not see Aurora, “Aurora, where are you, Aorora please answer” he called out.  There was no answer,  he looked to see where the Cottage was he couldn’t see anything, he suddenly stood up looked at his clothes he was dressed just dressed as he was when he set out on this walk.

The lights Frederick said to himself, as he looked left and right behind himself ahead as far as he could, he could not see anything  “where are the lights, where is everything, was it all a dream, no, no, no, no” he called out, just then he heard rustling something running on the leaves, he looked and taken by surprise this large dog, this Alsatian “Benjamin” he said as the dog jumped up at him to lick him the dog kept jumping up and Frederick kept stroking him, “Benjamin I knew it was all true”.

“Sorry is he pestering you” said this young woman who suddenly seemed to appear from no where “is he pestering you” she asked again.  “No” said Frederick “no not at all, Benjamin is fine” he said.  “Benjamin, its not Benjamin its Benjie, sorry did he hurt you” she asked.  “He is fine ” said Frederick, sorry I thought it was Benjamin” he said looking at the girl

“Do I know you” Frederick asked “you look rather familiar to me” he asked, “I don’t know you but my name is Leanaura” the girl said, Frederick was stunned “what the hell is going on” he said to himself, “my name is Frederick” he told her.  “Do you like coming here, I always come here with Benjie” said Leanaura, “maybe thats where I have seen you” said Frederick.  “I hope you won’t mind me saying but you don’t look all that well, would you like a  coffee or tea” she asked, “Tea or Coffee, where is that possible here” he asked the girl, “its just through the trees, I really think you could do with a strong tea, oops” she called out as Frederick stumbled, “sorry I do feel a little wobbly” he said.  “Please take my arm, Benjie stay with us, going to the cafe boy” said Leanaura and Frederick smiled at her.

As they walked and reached a clearing, there unbelievably it stood, the cottage with red ivy all over it, “Aurora” said Frederick, “no its Leanaura” said the girl.  “Come on we shall have some tea and water for Benjie” she said as she led Frederick through the arch to the cottage “lets sit outside its a lovely afternoon” she said Frederick smiled at her and said “by all means”, the waitress came over dressed in her black dress little white apron “oh hell Leanaura I thought it was you” the waitress said looking at Frederick “we shall have some tea Claire please and the usual for Benjie oh and some Chelsea Buns, you will like them Frederick.  Sorry I should have introduced you, Claire this is my friend Frederick and Frederick this is my friend Claire” and all three laughed, “I’ll get the tea” Claire said.

“She seems a nice girl a good friend may I ask” said Frederick, “yes she is on both scores Frederick” answered Leanaura, Claire arrived with the tea and Frederick stood and took the tray, which was heavy, from claire and put it on the table “thank you” she said and she put everything from the tray onto the table “thats alright” answered Frederick.  “Frederick is such a Gentleman” said Leanaura, as Claire said “enjoy your tea both of you and your water Benjie” as Claire stroked Benjie.

Leanaura saw Frederick staring at her and she asked him “is there anything wrong Frederick”, “no my dear I was just admiring your green dress and those unusual puffy sleeves at the top, and your wonderfully long auburn hair” said Frederick.  “Thank you Frederick, the dress I found in my Nana’s loft she said it belonged to an ancestor, it was in perfect condition and fitted me, I was so pleased, Nana said I could have it as I am the only Granddaughter she has, she has four Grandsons though” said Leanaura, Frederick was shocked and he said “you must treasure the dress it is so special” he told her “yes it is, do you know Frederick some evenings when I have worn it the green gives off these beautiful colours just like lights in the sky, I just love it so” she said.  “Your hair reminds me of someone” he said to her, “oh do tell, if you don’t mind, my Nana and Mother say all the girls in Nana’s family had this colour hair. Are you alright Frederick you seem sad, have I upset you, I’m sorry” said Leanaura as she touched Frederick’s hand, “no not at all my dear you just reminded me of a beautiful girl I once knew it was only a brief time but I loved her and I think she  loved me” said Frederick.  “I can’t imagine her not loving you Frederick” said Leanaura, “you are so sweet my dear” Frederick told her.

“Frederick more tea and you must try the Chelsea Bun” said Leanaura “just for you then, I will just for you” Frederick told her.  Leanaura poured more tea then a little milk into Frederick’s cup and placed the Chelsea Bun on his plate ” I have a good idea, sometimes I do get them” said Leanaura, Frederick laughed ” lets meet here next week and every week and have tea, it would be so much fun as we can talk and you can tell me about things you have done and I will tell you about me, will you Frederick, will you meet me and Benji here next week, please say yes” pleaded Leanaura.”  “Very well, I agree it shall be fun” said Frederick as he patted Leanaura’s hand and then Benjie’s head, and Leanaura bent over and placed a little kiss on Frederick’s face.

Frederick looked at this sweet young girl and he knew deep down Aurora was no dream, she was real even though it was for a brief time, Aurora was Real.







Thanks to  –  National Geographic   –  Norway Northern Lights Spectacular.

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  1. Amazing! I’ve heard of the meaning of the light bur have never seen the actual. I can only think of God Almighty… he deserves all love and reapect in our every goodness to glorify Him! Thank so very much for this amazing share!!!

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