My goodness  how shocked I was to read that Michael Caine had crawled to join all the other “me me me” brigade.  I have read countless responses in  the British Newspapers to what Michael Caine said and did.  In this Country, “good old Michael Caine” is regarded as a Real Man not a bloody wimp, he joined the wimps with his speech.

One thing to stand up for Women’s Rights, but another thing to say “I thought it was all a joke” when he heard about Weinstein and Spacey.  A joke, a “good old boys joke, and as the Americans say “the boys locker room”, but the same lot (don’t know if Caine was one of them) but all these other creeps did not regard President Trump as “good old boys joke” they have pilloried the President since he took Office, unjustifiably so in my view.

For Michael Caine to say he didn’t know about what was going on, what an insult to people’s intelligence.  Of course you have known, you have have known all along.  Hollywood is “SO FAMOUS FOR THE CASTING COUCH”.   People like Matt Damon a really “good friend” to Weinstein and stayed loyal to him until the point when Damon stabbed his “friend” in the back.  George “slimey” Clooney another good friend until he dumped Weinstein, Meryl Streep who could be found in photographs drooping over and taking his gifts, money and jobs,  then she too stabs him in the back.   Now she is the Great Saviour for all women!!  Hypocrite, Winfrey acts like the Saviour of the World, the big Whale swimming to shore to help all women.  The list of these hypocritical stomach wrenching women and men is too, too much.

Yet I never thought I would see Michael Caine join the list.  SIR Michael I really should say, it appalled so many back here “us Brits” as so many in the States call us.  I find that insulting, I am not a “Brit”, if need be I am British but I much prefer to be called English.  I would never insult Americans by calling them or writing the word “Yanks”, I think that is most insulting.  Sir Michael, well on that score he turned a lot of people against him, because he crawled so heavily to get that Honour from the Queen.  Time these Honours ended along with the archaic Monarchy, I think that  American female who “worked her way” with Harry will end the Monarchy for us.  I don’t believe in the Honour system but to crawl and virtually beg for an Honour is NO Honour.

Sir Michael now has made so many turn against him for what he has said and done, repeatedly I read in comments in the British Newspapers “thought you were a man not a wimp”, “doing what the wife wants”, “no mind of your own mate”, “what a bloody wimp you have become”  “you have let all men down” and so very many online I could not repeat.

As for me I can’t possibly feel the same about Sir Michael Caine, as I said defend the Rights of Women, in work and the unequal pay they receive, violence against women and their children,  things such as this.  But, to pretend all these so called actors “poor little women are so totally innocent”, who the hell are you kidding Michael.  Far too many of these “poor little things” are so manipulating, like the one from Oakland who has used her female attributes to work her way into the House At The Top in the UK.

What I read, it appears that these women could have screamed, run out, refused – no no –  they take the gifts, the acting parts Weinstein had to offer, then they leave it for years then complain.  Spacey is a different case altogether, those allegations are extremely serious.  Rape of any Man, a young man or a young boy  –  that Scar of the Rape Never goes away, and Spacey must be investigated.  But, I daresay, he will be “protected and hidden in expensive clinics and be declared unfit to be investigated or prosecuted”.

Just one final point Sir Michael Caine has become such a wimp crawling to “me me me”, I would very much like to ask him the following;

Have you ever, Michael Caine once voiced your opinion on what is going on in Rotherham in England.   Have you ever raised your voice to ask why these Pakistani Men based in Rotherham in England, have NOT BEEN ARRESTED for Abducting Young White Girls off the Streets of Rotherham, Kidnapping them, Raping them, Sexually Assaulting them.

Sir Michael have you ever spoken out about the women Raped and Sexually Assaulted in Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, Denmark etc.  I would love to see proof that you have.  Not all these Rapes in Europe are Right Wing Propaganda, as has been said to me.  Tell that to the women/girls Raped and Sexually Assaulted.  Caine have you once spared a thought about this situation.

You have been too busy being a hypocrite,  counting your money, and doing what the wife tells you.   Sad to see in this World that Women are making Wimps out of so many Men. I have several books First Editions signed by Caine, I shall no longer keep them.  I detest hypocrisy.

11 thoughts on “YOU ARE AN IDIOT “SIR”

  1. One thing is abundantly clear – political ideology of the left supersedes anything and everything. Just like the National Organization for Women not supporting those who had accused Clinton of assault and rape because he was a democrat, the globalists in Europe have refused to to call out the immigrants who have committed these acts upon the legal citizenry of Europe. Back to the USA. 17 innocents were killed by a gun toting madmen, which brought on the talk of gun control by the left. Fair enough. But, when illegal immigrants drivers have killed or maimed up to 7,500 US citizens, there is not even a whisper of cleaning up the illegal immigration problem. The left is quick to claim racism, but take note that no one is talking about LEGAL immigration, just illegal. So, using their logic of removing the mechanism that is causing school shootings – the guns, then it’s equally fair to say that to stop the murder of innocent citizens in any country, it is necessary to stop the illegal immigrants from pouring in.

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    1. Rob, what can I say other than I agree on all you have to say. I keep up with the news coming from America and its heartbreaking to see all that is going on there, and no I do not blame President Trump as everyone it seems is so easy to blame him for everything. Those bleeding heart Liberals have destroyed so much that was good about America, about my Country. The ridiculous rules and regulations we now have here, its like being watched all the time. I am increasingly finding it difficult to recognise my own Country. We have the biggest fear here of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn winning the next Election, admirers of the IRA, PLO, marxists groups you name it. I find the hypocrisy here the same as America, those people like meryl Streep acting like a Queen those ridiculous women that follow her, they don’t give a damn for the ordinary men and women Raped, Sexually Abused, even Children, they care for themselves and to be in the limelight. I detest them. They all come out and demand end to guns or stricter gun control, do they seriously think thats the real answer. They turn their backs to the criminal acts you mention committed by the immigrants, same here in the UK. Rob, the Borders should be closed to the Immigrants pouring in. I was horrified when I saw a programme on Greece the other evening and what’s going on there, Merkel is responsible for all the damage done by allowing these immigrants. When will they ever learn. Immigrants, taught to hate taught to murder taught here in the Mosques in the UK and there are no Laws that allow the Police or local Authorities to enter those places. Here in the UK we are allowing Terrorists. What can the likes of us do Rob, you are so eloquent so impressive we have to keep battling until we win.

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  2. I think those of us in the western democracies have grown complacent about the threats to liberty and freedom since the collapse of Soviet Communism. We have an entire generation come of age without the threat of Communist aggression. They are ignorant of the gulags, of the Hungarian Revolt of 1956, the suppression of the Czech freedom movement of 1968, the struggle of the people of Poland in the 1970’s and 80’s.
    Given that ignorance, they are completely oblivious to the threat to personal liberty that leftist (and Communist) ideologies present. Too many view the state as a benign institution; too many believe the perpetual messages of self-hatred directed toward males, Caucasians, heterosexuals, and most importantly, believing Christians and Jews.
    Finally there is pushback and The Left doesn’t know what to do, except keep up the attack. Donald Trump is a flawed man, but he was the one who spoke up.

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    1. David, I totally agree with all you have to say. My youngest Son who is 34, said the other evening to me that there are those his age and younger who know nothing about World War I or maybe even World War II, The Falklands to them never happened, they don’t want to know. Dunkirk isnt real its a film to them. Perhaps for my Sons it was different their Father was 30 years older than me had been in the Burma Campaign in the RAF in India, I made sure they knew. What on earth is going to happen, I know that I shall keep battling writing about the dreadful prospect of a Corbyn Government here. I am not defending the Far Right but yesterday you had two people a man and woman sentenced to time in prison for shouting racial abuse at someone going into Court, that person shouted at was an ISIS Terrorist the man who drove that lorry into people on Westminster Bridge and killed how many? You can’t shout abuse at a Terrorist, what the hell is going on?? I have to agree with you that President Trump is a flawed man, but what President was not Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Bush (both) Clinton, Obama? Donald Trump was the voice, the voice that enough people wanted to hear, they had enough of Politicians. Europe is changing, look at Italy the other day. When Merkel told all the immigrants and migrants “come” she done permanent damage to Europe. “These bleeding heart Liberals” have destroyed everything.


  3. You know… I had a thought when I was reading your post. I wondered how much of your reactions and feelings have to do with your husband treating you the same way and you thinking you had to take it ’cause that’s what good wives and women do? We can’t escape our past. It changes us and comes back to haunt us. I have collected a few experiences like that over the years.

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    1. Cheryl, my reactions to the Michael Caine news was how I personally felt, nothing to do with David being 30 years older and expecting his wife to act like his age perhaps, in fact because of what his first wife did to him he took it out on me and I often said that to him and surprisingly he agreed. The hypocrisy of Caine and people like Streep and McDormand really gets to me, they really don’t give a damn about the real victims of Rape or Sexual abuse whether they be Men or Women, all they care about is being centre stage. People like Streep and those other women are doing damage to women if they only took their heads out of their backsides to see. The past never goes away no matter how one may try to forget, the past is there to haunt one, every single day in my case. I realized far, far too late my mistakes, nothing I could do about them.

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      1. In large part I totally agree with you. I think a lot of the stuff being dragged before the media is just bull. Now anyone can interpret anything as sexual harassment. If a man calls a woman sweetheart she can have a fit and start screaming “assault!” People here need to take a car trip through the south. Waitresses in every truck stop call you sweetheart when they bring your meal, but you don’t shout out about that! I’m annoyed by all this crap…


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