Don’t weep for me

for I am happy

in my new home

at peace at last

and free from pain


I loved you

and always will

I look at you

and feel so proud


No sad eulogies

just those words

I asked for

just the music

I requested


Remember good times

not as many

as there should have been

but happy times and hugs

I spent with you


Don’t weep for me

I am still around

you cannot see me

but I am here


The night sky look to it

for there you’ll see me

the brightest Star

shines for you

and our love is eternal


The remarkable Mantovani, if only more could discover him.  “Time To Remember”

8 thoughts on “DON’T WEEP FOR ME

    1. That’s very nice of you to say that, it means a lot coming from you. I would hear Mantovani on the radio when I was young, like you raised on it, beautiful music isn’t it. How are you Cheryl, I lost my interest until recently for the internet, explain when I write. Love to Arn and the family.

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