Sunday March 11, 2018.    “Freedom of Speech, is our right”

I started this on the date above, it has been delayed as I needed to make sure I had all the factual information that I could obtain.        I am shocked beyond words with what I have learned this weekend, from reading,  seeing and talking about.  If anyone who has read my blog, my political toned blog that is, you will know that for quite sometime I have been extremely concerned with what is going on in my Country, the UK.    We are a far too tolerant a Country, and this must change if not we will be swallowed up into a foreign culture, a culture that is supposed to be peaceful, but from what has happened on our streets is far from peaceful.  We do not realize that already we are being pushed every single day further and further into isolation.  Away from our Christian beliefs, away from what we British are used to.

What is happening here in the UK is something I never thought in my lifetime I would see and I have to say if this is how my Country, England my birthplace, the Country I love, the Country that in the past gave me all the freedom that anyone in the western world, in a cultured world, takes for granted.  If my Country is going to end up swallowed up into a culture we do not want, the majority do not want, and do not understand and fear, then I am glad that I have less years ahead of me than behind.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, no I have not gone mad repeating myself I am stressing just how important that is.  Here in the UK and any civilized Country Freedom of Speech is something that we take for granted.  Here in the UK we can no longer claim that to be the case.

I will undoubtedly offend here but it has really come to something here in the UK when the White People have little or no Freedom of Speech.  There is Freedom of Speech for those white/black ANTIFA Thugs, for Momentum for the extreme Far Left Marxists and racists and anti-semitism of the Labour Party, but for the ordinary person it seems NO.

Someone who enters this Country to Speak at SPEAKERS CORNER in Hyde Park in London, the famous Speakers Corner where Karl Marx and other marxists and racists of all colours have spoken and any tom dick or harry who wants to speak there has the right to do so.  But, when two people entering this Country, one to speak at Speakers Corner and the other a Journalist to conduct an interview are arrested at Heathrow Airport, handcuffed and dragged off and  put in separate detention centres for days on end, without any legal rights, and put with illegal immigrants etc, where their lives were at risk for those days.   This is the famous Freedom of Speech we British are so proud about?  This behaviour is no better than any Country who believes their citizens have no rights to Freedom of Speech.  We condemn Russia and China and North Korea, what the hell is going on here.  The Press are too frightened to tell the truth, the public, the majority too laid back or worried to ask questions, but we must ask questions.  When is it right to allow a homegrown Terrorist who leaves this Country to go and join ISIS, commit murder, then come back here, let in by the  authorities, a TERRORIST, who then goes onto murder British citizens and foreign tourists on Westminster Bridge, murder them in the most horrible way.  Yet two white people are treated no better than common criminals, whereas the authorities fall over themselves not to “upset” the illegal immigrants, the majority in this country do not want.

I fear for the United Kingdom and what is going to happen, ANTIFA are violent vicious thugs who are on the internet for all to read, the Police are too damn scared of them, the coppers stand by, men and women, arms folded just laughing and talking as ANTIFA thugs beat up someone, then when the victim says to the Police “you saw that” their response “didn’t see anything”, shameful beyond words my anger is so strong at the police, I know what they are like, they let ANTIFA get away with well soon maybe murder.  This Country, this Government and any successive Government have not and will not do anything about the illegal immigrants coming into this Country, they are scared, scared of what?  Call me a racist if you desire, but I want our Borders closed now, we have far too many, we cannot cope with them, we cannot afford them and most of all we cannot and should not tolerate the Violence by groups of vicious illegals.  Europe has its problems, massive problems.

People will be looking for Political Parties  that will protect them, will stop the flow of immigrants and the ever increasing rise of radical Islamists.   We are seeing this in Europe.  It is becoming an out of control situation here in the UK and the Government and MI5 MI6 are all at their dirty tricks, playing these events down, pushing the (silent)  white majority (majority at present) into boxes into cages and only those who want to see the truth will continue to speak out.

We must speak out, if we sit back and ignore what is going on around us, even in my Town, a so called Muslim Education Centre, protests at the time not to allow it, but it went ahead nevertheless.  Nothing has happened, no demonstrations, or racists attacks, absolutely nothing.  But, ask yourself why has an innocent Muslim Education Centre such hi tech security even on the roof, barricading, it is not to keep  people out  the centre does not want the truth known as to what is going on inside there, as in countless if not all so called innocent muslim education centres.  It is a fact that the teachings of hatred have taken place in such centres (just watch Channel 4’s documentary “My Son the Jihadi” for proof –, youtube – ), its where the young minds are formed, that later become Terrorists.  The British Government and the Far Left Labour Party can deny that this Country has home grown Terrorists, but we do.  These centres befriend those that have fallen out of society, those that wander the streets seeking their next drink or drug fix, or perhaps the person may have a learning difficulty and/or easily influenced.  They take them in, feed and house them. Over time they give them a sense of being amongst “family”, all the while brainwashing them with their beliefs by pandering to their sense of abandonment by the state and/or their family.  If the brainwashing doesn’t work then the sense of guilt or a debt of gratitude, call it what you like, leaves these damaged individuals feeling as though they should repay the supposed “kindness” they have received. You only have to watch the above documentary to see what this actually leads to.  For those who don’t have an hour to spare to watch the documentary, this equates to throwing children on fires alive, raping them beforehand, murdering their family with machetes, forcibly marrying schoolchildren (why? because the victims follow a different/moderate interpretation of Islam, or even not at all) , all the while phoning home to Mum in the UK begging for money. Everything I mention here is taken from the testimony of the despairing Mother, Brother and Friends of the individual covered in the aforementioned documentary.  This is all done in return for the “Kindness” these supposed “Education Centres” offer. Yet, whilst the individual covered in the film was thankfully in my opinion killed, if he hadn’t of been, he would have been ALLOWED BACK INTO THE UK despite having betrayed his country!  What kind of madness are we living through.  The UK bans someone who wants to make a speech at Speakers Corner and then go home to Austria….Oh, hang on, wait a second!!! He’s a right leaning Austrian, so he must be Hitler MK2 right?, that’s presumably the pathetic loony left/ANTIFA approach to this….yet they call “Leave” voters Xenophobic and prone to stereotypes!!!!

Having seen the other day on a programme on Greece how appalled I was to see the state of that Country, its a dumping ground for illegals come criminals in far too many cases.  There are Countries in Europe that are finally seeing the light and sooner or later and I trust sooner here in the UK the White and those Coloured people who are scared themselves at what is going on will speak out.  The illegal immigrants, so many common criminals, have no respect for white European women, they rape them, they sexually assault them, but WAIT do not do anything about the illegal, its racist if you do, just ignore the horror the torture these young girls and women are going through.  Fuck the authorities, we need to do something now, its all got out of control, how much more must those of us in Europe take of these illegal immigrants.  These illegals rape the children, their own country’s children in these camps where they live, you don’t believe me, look it up, you will soon find the truth.

The British Government and all Politicians who want to keep their jobs, want no more than to suffocate the British Public, keep us quiet, stop the whole truths coming out, they do not want dissent, they do not want the voices of those here who have had enough of their lies and their dirty little secrets.

A Labour MP stands up in the House of Commons to ask a question, about the verbal abuse given to her in the House of Commons.   Labour MP, selfish bitch, what about the Children of Telford, what about the Gang Raping of these  young innocent white little girls 11 years of age and maybe even younger.  Did this MP give a damn about these little Girls being Raped, Gang Raped and in several cases “mysteriously these children died”, all being done by Pakistani men, illegals probably.  Did she hell, her first and ONLY thought was for HERSELF.  BBC, Left Wing thinking BBC, News last evening Tuesday  Disgraceful beyond words. at 10pm, less than 8 minutes coverage of the little Girls that were and are still being gang raped by Pakistani men in Telford, not even the question was raised “why is this still going on, why no arrests”.  Shocking beyond words, I am so very angry.  But, it does not end there, please do not forget the young  white girls Gang Raped, even sold for sex by Pakistani men in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxfordshire and the list goes on, maybe even in  my own Town, where will it end.  This is Britain’s shame, shame that we the British People are not shouting out “what are you doing, end this now, arrest these men, lock them up for life, or bring back Hanging”.  These bastards are getting away with Murder, and laughing at our Judicial system, a system that clearly is not working, but wait it works arresting and locking up White People who come to this Country, it works watching the British Public and all they say.

We have far too many Left Wing thugs, dangerous people in this Country, never before has this Country been in fear of putting into power a very, very dangerous man, Jeremy Corbyn who is a Traitor to this Country, he supports Terrorist Groups to this day. and his cohort and Traitor McDonnell of the Labour Party, not forgetting their little glove puppet who they trot out to do interviews when they can’t answer the questions raised, a human gnome who goes by the name of Barry Gardiner.  They must at all costs be kept out of power, they will destroy the last good vestiges of this Country.

We have to stand up and be counted, we must not allow Marxist Left Wing people into power, we have enough Bleeding Heart Liberals as it is.

Time has come for all those who see what is going on in the UK to let their voices be heard, the powers that be do not want our voices heard, they think that they can overrun this Country with illegals and we shall accept it.  They think that we will continue to stand by and let little girls be raped by Muslim men, justified by them because it’s allowed in their beliefs….it has to STOP (

Now is the time to say to all those who want us, the people, silenced, “SPEAK UP SPEAK OUT” don’t let the powers that be destroy what two generations of men died in bloody fields for, died in the air, died on the battlegrounds, in the Towns and Cities, those that died at sea and all those lives today, men and women. still fighting.  My own late Husband fought in Burma, he never spoke of the horrors.  He was 30 years older than me and lived through something I tried to understand but I was not there and I did not see the horrors of War that he did.  I beg you, please don’t let their lives be for nothing.  They have died and will die for our Freedom, for our Freedom of Speech.

The next time any of you abroad travel to the UK, go to Hyde Park if you are in London, go to Speakers Corner, where you can say anything about anyone, except the Queen I understand.   Take a deep breath and look around and you will see a vanishing London, a vanishing United Kingdom, for we are not United, very far from it.  There will soon be blood on the streets, for I know deep in my heart there are enough out there who will not stand by and watch this Country be destroyed.  We will not tolerate our FREEDOM OF SPEECH being taken from us.  The dirty little secrets are being told.  We do not want or asked for a multicultural society or rainbow society or whatever name these lefties use, as many want, they want it, go live somewhere else.  We are a Christian Country,  a Country that has a Proud History, that those Lefties, those bleeding heart Liberals want to destroy.  British people complain all the time, but one should never run down the Country of one’s Birth.  Those that have been fortunate enough in the past to have had Free University Education, these people who are the Bleeding Heart Liberals, the Marxists, the Far Left they knock this Country despite taking everything from it that  Great Britain gave them.  We cannot sit back and watch a once very Proud Nation, be destroyed by illegal immigrants and all those on the Marxist Far Left.

Please look at the following clip and listen with an open heart and mind.  But please, before anyone comes back with “Martin Sellner is XYZ” and he’s said/done “this and that” in the past or “Oh!!…it’s Tommy Robinson (always a trigger for the loony left)…XYZ and he’s been in prison for mortgage fraud and that’s not his real name and he was a football firm member”…EVERYONE KNOWS THAT ALREADY! You are simply not discrediting their points with these known facts. It’s the fact that you have to seek out such people for the truth that should worry you more.  Nothing that is reported in these videos is factually incorrect, if you believe otherwise feel free to provide your side with factual evidence.  They espouse the opinion of the SILENT majority in the UK, many of whom are too scared to speak their mind for fear of reprisal, either in their own community, online, or even fear of losing their job.  Please remove such prejudice (surely that’s a liberal keystone belief, or does that only apply to those who you agree with?), from your mind for just one second and just take on board that this is simply about two white Christian people who wanted to come to the UK to make a FREE SPEECH, something this great country prides itself on, or at least it did.  Secondly interview an individual who has been interviewed only recently at length by BBC 1, BBC 2 Newsnight, SKY News, ITV, Channel 4 + more.  Of course, these organisations ASSUMED they would just turn up to the interview and Robinson would be either violent or incoherent and it would be a case of “job done”, if only they had checked if anyone with Robinson was recording them “off camera” then they could have saved themselves from the massive embarrassment that followed.  Of course, their intention was to interview him and then cut it nicely into a 30 second piece ripe for the 6 and 10’clock news, whereby they cherry pick anything remotely offensive he said, all whilst trying to goad him into being violent.  That said, Daniel Sandford (Home affairs correspondent) from the BBC and Joe Tidy from SKY News probably regret being so candid in their “off camera” interviews, given Robinson was secretly recording them and in doing so exposing how the BBC & SKY News (the UK’s two biggest media outlets) KNOWINGLY suppressed the Rochdale Muslim grooming gang scandal ( for fear of causing tension in the country….no thought about the young girls who were raped though.  Not to mention that Sandford actually privately (or so he thought) agrees with Robinson on numerous points, something he would NEVER openly do….(all on youtube, both videos are an excellent watch!).  Just ask yourself one question, WHY were they REFUSED entry when returning ISIS fighters are allowed back….would the American people accept this?

Oh, and that’s not all.  A THIRD white Christian journalist was today REFUSED entry to the UK, why?  Because, she wanted to speak about the documentary she has made about the racist attacks happening in South Africa against White Farmers, trailer for this film is further below, would America or any other supposed “liberal” country BAN someone from entering their country for wanting to promote a factual film?

Finally, People are being watched, their phone calls monitored, their internet action monitored.  If one tries to make a comment on a story in the newspapers, certain words  one may use are straight away key words and your comments not allowed,  simple words like Black  –  Muslim  –  Mosques.  What ther hell is going on in this Country?

In Great Britain Today FREE SPEECH IS NOW A “HATE CRIME”.  Those scared people in power are acting like Hitler’s Brown Shirts in the early days, will it soon be like Russia and China, suppressed news?

Whoever thought that in 2018 Great Britain, the once Great Country is now so scared that its own people will stand up and be counted.  That what we whites and blacks and Asians who have worked hard and been part of their communities, taken for granted, Freedom of Speech is now regarded as a “HATE CRIME”.  If I suddenly disappear off line then you will know, how we British who speak out are being monitored.

Never in my lifetime did I once think that our FREEDOM OF SPEECH would become a “HATE CRIME”.  Welcome to Britain, if you come, and all its “Dirty Little Secrets”.

The speech that the man above, who was illegal imprisoned, was due to give at Speakers Corner last Sunday, will be given this coming Sunday by someone else and already people are preparing to go to support this.  If as I suspect the Coppers will turn out in force, cameras on the roofs and all that, if they try to remove the speaker from his box then this will, I have no doubt, cause immense trouble in this country.  To do so by the coppers on the authorities of the Government etc will show finally the British People who care about this Country and what is being done to it, what we are being forced to accept, that we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH.    The Female Journalist who was imprisoned and not allowed to do the Interview, that Interview will still go ahead at another venue.


  1. When Obama spoke of fundamentally changing America, this is what he wanted to do. He wanted to join in the mischief created by the globalists in the EU. Open borders under the guise of humanitarianism, when in fact its a pretense for the exploitation of third world countries and peoples. This is why Trump is so reviled. He represents the antithesis to the global plunder that is underway. He represents an obstacle to their agenda. Ross Perot once said that, in order for a global economy to function, the standard of living in the west must come down, and the standard of living in the 3rd world must rise. Here we see the wholesale importation of inexpensive labor to crush the wages of the working class. This is an essential part to the implementation of their agenda, along with the perpetual power that they hope to achieve with the votes of these illegal immigrants. Call them out for their actions and they call you a racist.

    As a side issue here, it’s common for the leftists to accuse anyone who is opposed to illegal immigration as anti immigrant. This is simply not true. It’s the immigrants who enter illegally who we are against. We are a country of laws, not men, and we must adhere to the rules that define our nation and our existence.

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  2. Great post Anna, not surprising when it comes to your blog though. Feel like Britain is losing some power and taking others power at the same time. Still, our country is better than a lot of others, no country is perfect. Hope you are well. x Keep smiling x


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