Dianne Feinstein: It’s “absurd” to suggest that criminals don’t follow the law!

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Cry and Howl

Well, I see the statute of limitations has come and gone to prosecute former National Intelligence Director James Crap … er … Clapper for lying under oath to Congress. So, the Justice Department and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions let another one slip on through the fingers of justice for the American people. Right along with Hillary (think ‘pay for play’), Barack (think Benghazi … hell, just think a full eight years!), Loretta Lynch (think non prosecution of Hillary and meeting Bill on the tarmac), Eric Holder (think Fast & Furious and lying to Congress) and Lois Lerner (think IRS scandal) to name a few others who will never be prosecuted for their nefarious deeds and treasonous acts. I noticed also that according to the New York Times, Sessions is being called on to fire Andrew McCabe who is retiring after this week. Who knows what that would do…

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3 thoughts on “Dianne Feinstein: It’s “absurd” to suggest that criminals don’t follow the law!

    1. He was obviously a lot worse than I believed. When he came here on a State Visit as every President does, with the exception of President Trump which really annoys me, so many here like him and want him here. Anyhow Parliament and the old usually asleep House of Lords invited Obama to speak in Westminster Hall. I was shocked and so annoyed only very special People have ever spoken there, like Sir Winston Churchill, and to see Obama there I was furious, it should never have been allowed, he was only elected for one reason. He done immense damage to America like Tony Blair done to us. I come from Working Class Rob and I am proud of it, when I was 21 and my first Vote, I voted Labour it was a totally different Party then. Over the years my mind changed and I saw the damage that Labour, the Far Left were doing. People here too many of them won’t work, they get big handouts, some of them get £100,000 a year. I am a Widow and I have to pay Tax, they contribute nothing to this Country. From tv programmes especially your “Judge Judy” show, you have as much excuse the word “scum” on benefits as we have. If only Rob we could turn the clock back, its all so horrible now and someone like Obama is hailed as someone special, like hell.

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      1. Anyone paying attention would have determined that winning the Nobel Peace Prize before he did anything at all was an attempt at cementing his status as being great. He was anything but. This whole mess with the FBI happened with his approval. Just days before he left office, he lowered the threshold needed to share sensitive information. He did it to handcuff Trump. He politicized the IRS, State Department, Justice Department, the FBI and the CIA. He will not be prosecuted, or even charged due to the delicate racial situation here in the US. Much like OJ Simpson walking when everyone KNEW he murdered Nicole, they couldn’t convict him after what had happened with Rodney King. So here we have Obama, guilty for all of the issues listed above, but he’ll get away with a different type of murder.


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