They are such fascinating creatures, I so love their little faces. Used to have one in my garden but have not seen it for a while.

Paol Soren

In a bend in the Yarra River is a large park. In that park there is a colony of Grey Headed Flying Foxes (Pteropus poliocephalus). Even with my trusty new camera I was not able to get the exact shot I wanted so I have borrowed this one from Mr Helpful Google.

In 1986 a colony of about 20,ooo Grey-headed flying foxes took up permanent residence in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. By 2002 the colony had distributed itself over about 30 percent of the Gardens and was severely damaging many of the Gardens rare trees by stripping branches of their leaves. Some trees were killed.

In March 2003 a large-scale dispersal program was successful in relocating the colony to a more suitable location at Yarra Bend Park, Kew.

But t’other day I did take a lot of shots of them as they hung on the trees. The six…

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