As everyday goes by, and today is no exception, I wonder am I living in England, am I?  What the hell is wrong with everyone, has Theresa May been exposed to  Russia’s Nerve Agent.  If not someone has told her “yer got be wit it bro”.

Dear God can we please return to some normality here in this Country.  Free Speech is classed now as a “Hate Crime”.  We have the Queen, wish the whole lot of them would just GO, endorsing the Marriage of her Grandson, spoilt brat Harry to this Three times Divorced Woman so called Actress, well thats what they  call taking your clothes off, being scantily dressed, having sexy scenes on tv, that was her.  Starting off as a Catholic then becomes Christian because she marries, Divorces, then  decides she wants to be in the Jewish Faith because she marries again.  Divorces again and takes up Catholicism again, then Divorces and now enters the Church of England.  What a Gold digger, what a  con artist this woman from Oakland, California is.  Can’t wait for the Divorce, again, she will screw Harry for as much money as she can.  The Queen should be thoroughly, absolutely ashamed of herself.  She is the Head of The Church of England and Divorce accepted?   One, two, three and hopefully four.  This Oakland woman is not liked here, its only the foolish girlie girls who have fallen for her crap.  As a British Taxpayer I resent one penny of my money going towards the upkeep of this cheap, ignorant, con artist, that the spoilt brat harry has forced on us along with the Queen, Has she gone mad, well has Lizzie gone mad?  I have never called the Queen that because it is disrespectful but she has cheapened this Country accepting this Oakland one, I have no more respect left for the Queen?  Harry must have known some really lovely, well educated sophisticated young Women in America or Europe, no he had to have this thing because lets face it, he wanted the sex.

Now I have seen and I just couldn’t believe what I was looking at, let alone the headlines. our Prime Minister Theresa May in Salisbury, giving something called “bumps” on hands, I don’t know what it is I don’t want to know.  I take it  is from the Black culture.  Maybe I am old fashioned but we give handshakes in this Country and not this ridiculous thing our PM did.  She is now an utter embarrassment.  We will have her doing breakdancing soon, she will be on all the mindless reality shows.  Dear God please bring back Margaret Thatcher, give us a Man in charge, Jacob Rees Mogg will do, anyone but this.

Mrs May just stand down now please you have made yourself look a complete fool.  You want to be seen doing this yet she has said nothing done nothing about ROTHERHAM, ROCHDALE, OXFORDSHIRE AND TELFORD, we haven’t been told the other Towns that all these Pakistani Men are, I wish I could scream it out “KIDNAPPING, GANG RAPING AND USING AS SEX SLAVES YOUNG WHITE GIRLS AS YOUNG AS 11, EVEN MURDERING SOME WHICH IS  PUT DOWN AS ACCIDENTS”.  Mrs May what is your answer “what are you going to do about these Pakistanis they should be locked up for life or bring back hanging”.

This is being swept under the carpet, I am ashamed, utterly disgusted that nothing has been done or likely to be done, its been years now since this started.  Never mind”upsetting” these Pakistanis, we need answers not enquiries for years, we need justice for these girls, we want this stopped.

This is England, not Jamaica or Pakistani or the Middle East, or even Poland  –  this is England. “So bro wots the anser”.

The British Prime Minister should have some decorum, she has lost it.  I know why she’s doing it and it won’t work.

We have the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn losing control of some of his Back or Front Benchers, Corbyn is saying that “dear Vladimir Putin is innocent of the attack on our streets of this nerve agent”, Corbyn is in a world of his own.  Theresa May next time we see her what the hell will she be doing.

Bring back England, and all we loved and believed in.




Might have known it became “popler bro” because of that horrible, ridiculous Obama, who ruined America.  Poor Dog all it wants are the treats, not that stupid woman hitting it on the nose.

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