On March 4 in Salisbury in England, as the World knows by now a former Russian Military Intelligence Colonel who became an Agent for MI6 was with his Daughter, I believe in a restaurant,  later they became violently ill.  A Policeman (there are some good ones) came to their aid, he too soon became violently ill, later in Hospital they were fighting for their lives.  On the Streets of a famous English Town, Salisbury, a Nerve Agent called Novichok was used.

Now we all know that the Nerve Agent Novichok was developed by the Russians and according to Putin no one other Country than them has it.  How do we know, for all we know Russia could have sold some to other Countries.  Was this an attack on our Streets by Putin’s Russia on Putin’s orders or was it done by another Intelligence Agency, even our own here, all done to discredit Putin.

What do I believe, well how could I know who is responsible, I think Russia is responsible I think Putin ordered it, but then?  Sergei Skripal defected to this Country he became an Agent for MI6 in return for Political Asylum for his Daughter and himself.

Every time there was a knock on his door he must have been terrified, Putin’s hands reach a long way.  Let’s be honest, Sergei Skripal was a Traitor to Russia, you transfer your loyalties to another Country’s Intelligence Services, you are a Traitor.  That is how Putin would have seen Skripal’s act.  With all the so called “Accidents” that have happened to those Dissidents and all those that crossed Putin over the years, you play a dangerous game you pay the consequences.

Theresa May PM decided to send back to Russia some of its Diplomats from the Russian Embassy in London, Russia will send our Diplomats back from the British Embassy in Moscow, tit for tat.  So ridiculous, the same old action is always taken.  What do I think the PM should have done is to Ban England from playing in the World Cup.

Putin and the Football World Cup Organisers denied England the World Cup, it was virtually in our hands until the Organizers and Putin did a dirty deal and Russia was given the World Cup.  England playing in the World Cup is always a Big draw for the people.  Despite the fact we never win, the last time in the 1960s and I watched and screamed every minute of it and held my “World Cup Willy Bear”  mascot high (which sadly I no longer have and now they sell for a lot of money, not that I would have given it away, what with House moves I think my “little Willy” (no pun intended, stop laughing) got lost.  I screamed and screamed when at the last second of the game England scored and the famous words by the sweet football correspondent Kenneth Wolstenholme said the famous words “they think its all over, it is now” and Bobby Moore, whose 20th Anniversary of his Death was this week, so sad  –  as Captain and West Ham Player, in fact there were so many West Ham players in the World Cup Team, West Ham I followed and still do, but I loved Roger Hunt who played for Liverpool he was in the World Cup, great player and “SO SO Handsome”.   When Bobby Moore held the Trophy high that was the last time, then they were players and gave it their all.  Now they play well at Club level but come the European Cup or especially the World Cup if they qualify they don’t play as they should in case they get injured and can’t’ play club football.  Saying that if Harry Kane is Captain we might have a chance, love Harry Kane exceptional player.  There you go a little bit of  knowledge on my part.

Nevertheless, England would have brought the people into watch and more money as well would have been made by Russia, plus what about the English fans who follow England all over the World to watch them, they are fanatic they are fabulous.  Some fight and booze, others just booze, all the time money being spent and this is what Russia would have lost and this I believe would have affected Russia more than sending a few Diplomats back home.  I have read countless comments from football fans who all say the same thing “ban England from going to play at the World Cup.  Theresa May should listen to the public.

Do I think that the PM Theresa May is strong enough, no I don’t.  I did have a lot of faith in her when I listened to her speech as she entered Downing Street for the first time, she was impressive, and I thought “good another strong woman”, but I can’t say that now.  We need a very strong determined Prime Minister from the Right not most definitely the Far Left, ie Jeremy Corbyn who said in the House of Commons he did not think Putin ordered this attach on the UK Streets.  Really?

This Country has become an easy target for attacks like this, for Terrorist attacks, we are too open, too honest, too laid back, and put up and shut up, we should not.  We should wake up and be more strong and watch and stop letting in Terrorists, not ban White people like Journalists and throw young female Journalists in cells with illegal immigrants for days on end.

Putin will never in a million years admit this, whoever did it won’t admit it.  Will there be more attacks, of course.   Putin won’t stop.   No one, literally no one crosses Putin.



Lovely Lonnie Donegan and the famous “World Cup Willie”  –  1965 hard to believe it was all those years ago




The Legendary Acker Bilk and the appropriate “Moscow Nights”.

2 thoughts on “PUTIN – DID HE OR NOT?

  1. I think Putin did it too but I do think they need to nail it down properly. What still disturbs me is the lack of information concerning the perpetrators. There must have been people who saw what happened and witnessed the poisoning? You don’t just walk into a restaurant without being seen by anyone. The place must be crawling with CCTV. Why haven’t we got images of the perpetrators like we would have with other murders? Why aren’t the ports and airports being screened? Or is this all so clandestine that we are not allowed to know?
    I would feel happier if we had more hard facts about who has carried it out. While there is an element of doubt it leaves us in a precarious situation.

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    1. I think you are so right, of course there would have been cameras and so many people around and yes why aren’t the Airports and Ports being watched. Spot on, we are not being allowed to know the truth. Like all PMs all Politicians they think the public are stupid and we have no right to know the truth. Well we do and we should fight that, we cannot, we British, hold back anymore. We want the truth on everything, we have the right, just as we have the right for Freedom of Speech, but thats disappearing it seems. The action taken is too little too late. Putin is laughing at us and no doubt planning the next assassination. Nothing has been said about the death of the other Russian a few days ago.

      Can I ask you did you have a “World Cup Willie” mascot, I know at the time they were in all the shops, or maybe you don’t like football? Thanks for that very interesting comment Opher.

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