On March 17, it will be Guinness Day or rather St. Patrick’s Day.  Being of Irish descent, who is not – I don’t think I  have ever met anyone who did not have an Irish Mother or Father, or Grandmother, Grandfather or great great ancestor who was not Irish.  My Parents came from Southern Ireland, my Father Born in Blarney Village just below the famous Castle and my Mother came from a tiny  hamlet called “Kippaugh” (pronounced kip – pork) which was in County Cork.

So being of Irish descent and also at that time being Roman Catholic, I dreaded St Patrick’s Day especially when I was going to School.  My wonderful Auntie Hannie (who I am named after) would send over from Cork City where she lived, to our address in Ilford, Essex a large box of Shamrock, fresh Shamrock.  I really dreaded that box arriving because I knew on St. Patrick’s Day my navy gabardine school raincoat would have hanging from one of the lapels this MASSIVE bunch of Shamrock.  It was bad enough my mother would have pinned to my coat Holy Medals to keep me safe I guess or to stop me being “wicked” as she would always call me.  Anyhow off I would trudge to school, it was a long walk and it was embarrassing people would say “you Irish then” others would make not very nice comments and I would be so glad when I could get that coat off.

Once the coat was off, it would all start again, on my Navy Blazer my mother had pinned a smaller bunch of Shamrock.  When one would look around the Class, most of the Boys and Girls there had Shamrock pinned to them.  “The Irish Mob” had arrived.  Not good days, was I glad when 4pm came and school was over, but I had that long walk home again, and I dare not under any circumstances take that Shamrock off my Blazer or school coat.  I am very surprised she did not pin some shamrock to my school Beret, or navy knickers.

On St Patrick’s Day now, it comes and goes, but my eldest Son who is so proud to have half Irish blood, goes off to work with the Irish Tricolour hanging from his rucksack.  My youngest Son tells me “I’m English not Irish”.   It’s lovely to see how unembarrassed Jonathan is flying the flag of Ireland.  If I had Shamrock, I know he would wear it.

It’s a crying shame that here in England we do not celebrate St. George’s Day, officially we do but not many remember or care, disgusting.  There are those that don’t even know the date of St. George’s Day, which is by the way celebrated as England’s National Day  –  April 23.  We should wear a Rose on that Day.  I have in mind to fly the St. George’s Cross Flag on that day, but you risk being called a racist in this Country.  I have always loved and admired the Americans for flying the Stars and Stripes, I wish we had more pride in our Country.  Wales celebrate St.David’s Day and the Scots celebrate St Andrew’s Day, but here in England nope.

If you are Irish, or not even Irish, have a happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Enjoy your Irish Whiskey, Scotch is far better, I don’t drink whiskey but I always remember my late Husband saying that Irish whiskey was not as smooth as Scotch, there you go my knowledge on whiskey.

Enjoy your Guinness, now occasionally I like a Guinness, but the best Guinness I have ever had was in Killarney, the Irish Guinness is something else if you ever visit Ireland make sure you enjoy your Guinness or even Murphy’s.   Wear your Shamrock if you have it.   Enjoy.

“A little Irish Prayer for you”.

May your pockets be heavy

and your heart be light.

May good luck pursue you

each morning and night.

May the Luck of the Irish enfold you.

May the blessings of St. Patrick behold you.



Darby O’Gill And The Little People    –    Have fun watching.   My feet are tapping away.


With Love,  Anna.


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