What am I doing here

why have I taken this

shocked you could say that

and indeed I was


Never before

and hopefully never again

would a man strike me

would I suffer a backhander


Did it hurt

yes indeed it did

and within hours

I was bruised

my nose was cut

and I cried so much


Was he sorry

his only concern was not me

he must not be embarrassed

for fear the bruises and marks would show


He had this personer

such a charming man, so erudite

it was my fault, who else

I was so very much younger


I was “just a silly girl”

never once did he say “sorry”

he had done nothing wrong


Did it happen again

slaps across the face

a chair raised over my head

but he suddenly on that score

changed his mind


Did I forgive and forget

partly because you love them

you forgive but not fully

forget, never


Nearly forty years later

and he is Dead

But I remember not so much me

but our First born baby Son

that I was cradling


The Baby he could have hit

by missing his target, me

I remember the sorrow

the fact he thought so little of us


The physical pain soon goes

but the mental scars

well they remain forever


Even though I loved you

and told you so all the time

you never once said to me

the simple words

“I Love You”








The Most Impressive Dame Shirley Bassey   –   “Never, Never, Never”

7 thoughts on “JUST ONCE SAY “I LOVE YOU”

    1. I know I would not be here had I not had my Sons, I am very fortunate Rob in having two loving Sons. I just wish that they would live and enjoy life more, they say they are happy. I don’t interfere, I just try and give them a good home and all the love I can I found out after I married my Husband did not want children and I always wanted children. I wanted to be a Professional Nanny, but my mother had other ideas.

      It’s so important, especially for a woman to hear those three simple words. I never did. Take care of yourself.

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    1. That is a lot harder than you think. If I was not stuck with that vicious so called “sister” of mine, I could let it all go, you know the situation here Opher, I told you. I have to protect my Sons and what is rightly theirs, I have lost my health because of what she has/will do. As for my Husband, well being deceived being lied to is not easy to accept or forget That woman near me that some years after David died, took pleasure in letting me know where he would spend every evening apart from Saturday, when he would blame me that he needed to earn money. We coped on what we had and I would beg him not to go out, but he would ignore me and put the blame on me. he was with her. She was a lot older than me, gregarious, I’m a loner. What he did every night I can toss it aside, I was loyal too loyal to him and loving, he throw that back in my face. It was the Boys, they needed him, and he chose to let them down, thats what hurt me, he wouldn’t spend the time with his young Sons. She died last year, well they can be together now.

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  1. Oh my girl, what a life you have had… If it were within my power I would make a wish for you that would carry you hail and healthy to SanFran where you could dance with beads and flowers till your heart was content. {{{Anna}}} ❤

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    1. I would love that, just to be there wishing I could be 20 again feeling so happy in a lovely flower dress with daisies in my hair and laughing (something not done enough in my life). We do it all to ourselves, no one forced me to Marry I wanted to I loved him, I would I suppose looking back just shut up and take it. It took my youngest Son to make me realize I wanted to get away from home, so I married but no one forced me to marry David, I did it but too ashamed to admit I made the mistake. I had my Babies and I just lived for them, the Boys are really all I have ever had. I made up to them for the love their Father couldn’t or wouldn’t give to his Sons. Some have said to me “you are so strong Anna”, thats how I guess I appear having coped with all that has gone on, but I’m not really strong, like so many women all we really want is to be held and loved and I really apart fro my Sons love, I just don’t know what it is like. Now you have me crying poppet, you are so dear to me I send you my love.

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