In April the latter part I believe, a Scottish  chap by the name of Markus Meechan who is a comedian and goes by the name of “Count Dankula” is due to be sentenced and why is this?

Mr Meechan thought he would play a trick on his girlfriend and as he already has a youtube channel he decided to film his girlfriend’s Pug whose name is Buddah, the only trouble was he acted a bit silly he trained the dog to raise his paw as in giving the Nazi Salute, he would use keywords to the dog and Buddah would obey and raise his paw.

Well the obvious happened the Lanarkshire Police spotted the site, the video and they took out the prosecution.  Not One Person made an official complaint about Mr Meechan or young Buddah.  The Lanarkshire Police pulled Mr Meechan out of his House, they don’t even, the Police, do that to the Pakistani Men who are Raping our young girls in this Country.   Now people are complaining that he has been arrested, found guilty and awaits sentencing.  Maybe even facing the prospect of a year in Prison.  No information yet as to how long poor Buddah may be locked up for.

In response to all of this, thousands of people have posted pictures and videos of their own Pets doing Nazi Salutes, even famous Comedians, including Jewish Comedians such as David Baddiel, who have stated that they found  Buddah hilarious.   What is wrong with this Country?  Maybe I could be arrested along with our Dog Daisy who is a Cross Lurcher/Alsation.  When she is annoyed she does the famous Riverdance, stomps her feet so quickly like the Irish Dancers, its so funny we laugh so much, she gets even more annoyed and does it even more.  Who knows maybe Daisy is insulting the Irish?




Now we have the news that Nine Pakistani men “The Rochdale Grooming Trial” have been found Guilty of Sex Charges.  They piled young girls mainly with drugs and drinks, so that then the men could pass the young girls around and use them for sex.  The young Victims were all White.

The Charges included the following, as reported on the news:

Rape  –  Gang Rape  –  Trafficking Girls for Sex  –  Conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a Child.

Unbelievably, it is reported that the Jury were out for more than Nine Hours, thats roughly just over an hour for each convicted Rapist.  It is disgusting that they took so long, surely all the evidence including witness statements and the fact that everyone in this Country knows these men were Guilty, why did it take so long.  Justice must be seen to be done.  Justice for who, certainly not the Victims.  I would  not have given these men five minutes to find them Guilty..

Now these men in Rochdale have been found Guilty, what about the rest in Rochdale.  WHAT ABOUT:  Rotherham  –  Oxfordshire  –  Telford  -??????????????????and all these other Towns and Cities yet to reveal the truth.

Had it not been for this brave woman Sara Rowbotham none of us would be aware of the Rochdale Scandal or any of the other horrendous White Sex trafficking of young girls, the Gang Raping of young Girls, that is to this very day still going on, much SHAME to the UK.  I don’t believe in the Honours system in the UK but I do believe that Sara Rowbotham should be made a Dame, she won’t be ofcourse she spilt the beans and to “those in charge” that is not on.

Sara Rowbotham is a very remarkable Lady, how many innocent white young girls has she saved from the dirty stinking clutches of these Pakistani men,  In this Country its a crime to criticise the Pakistanis, the Muslims, yet they can Gang Rape little White Girls and we must not criticise them, believe me all the other Sex trafficking and Gang Raping of these little White Girls by these Pakistanis will be kept as quiet as possible, we must not upset the muslims.  I don’t give a damn.

The Quran teaches these people to perpetrate these crimes, as far as they are concerned it is all legal under Sharia Law but these people know very well under Western Civilization, the Laws of that Country they live in must be obeyed, and what they have done and are doing is 100% Illegal.

I am just a lay person, I have more years behind me than in front of me and I see that I had the best years.  What lays ahead I dread to think, I don’t have Grandchildren if I did I would worry so much for their future, none of this Bleeding Heart Liberal view of life, but the fact that my Country the UK has become far too soft, we have let in far too many illegal immigrants, not checking them properly so we have let in Terrorists, Rapists, Murderers.  We have our own home grown Terrorists and there is no point in any socialist denying that fact, the proof is there for all to see.

The Governments now and in the past, the Political Parties, all those that sit in the House of Commons and The House of Lords and waste British Taxpayers money, the Police, the National and Local Authorities, they have all betrayed us.  We stand by and let scum whether they be from this Country or not, we allow them as Students to shout down and physically attack Guest Speakers, Speakers that have been Invited by the Students by the University, so that they could debate, we allow these scum to attack our Democracy.  No Left Wing Marxists justifying their actions please.  We allow these scum to physically attack their Senior Lecturers Men and Women attacked.  You generally find that the majority of these drunk, drugged out of their heads scum that cause all this trouble are little “rich boys”  –  never mind “Daddy and Mummy will sort it out”.  There are youngsters who want to go to University and are not given the chance.

My two Sons, lost their Father when they were young, life for them has not been easy, far from it.  They have made their  own way.  There was no University for them.  All I care is that they are healthy, happy and safe.  The years ahead for them and those much younger is going to be tough.

I am glad we are out of Europe, one only has to look at Merkle, look at the utter complete mess she has made, look at Europe.  Those in Germany, Holland, France, Denmark, Sweden and how many others are fighting back, they want their Country back again and they are determined to make sure they achieve that.  In many if those Countries they are already Training.  What are we in the UK doing, well we are doing what we always do –  talk about it, complain about it.

We have to get off our Arses this time and start now taking our Country back, this is a Christian Country, I say it so often but its true  –  despite the Queen allowing a marriage of her grandson to a three times divorced woman from oakland, the Queen Head of The Church of England, the Queen should be ashamed of herself.  She should also remember that when Diana Died “that so called accident”, and the Queen refused to return to London, when she was told she must return and she reluctantly did so, the disdain in which she treated the British people was something else.  I will never forget the look on the Queen’s face that misty morning outside the gates of the Palace, I never thought I would hear any British person boo the Queen, but the crowd did and they booed it was heard alright, the look on the Queen’s face, we nearly overthrew her.  Everything is possible.

The Muslims do not own this Country, they never will, Europe has a fight on its hands, every European Country is going through hell it seems, even Ireland that means so much to me, holds such happy memories with my Grandad.  Of wonderfully laughing holidays with my Sons.  Merkle opened up the floodgates and the Muslims intend taking over.  The British Streets belong to us.  Although I was not born until after the last War, I do know from my Father the UK was “caught napping, totally unprepared for what was on its way” as my Father would say.

Well this time we have the warnings, loud and clear and we British who want to keep our Country Must Stand Up and Be Counted and Fight for Our Country.  Make sure all those Muslims (not all of them a lot of Muslims are terrified of their own) hell bent on destroying us, MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT WIN THROUGH.


Very Strong Language, but the below sums it up brilliantly:-


John C










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