3,000 dead, three skyscrappers destroyed by two planes … the Pentagon hit by a jumbo jet which couldn’t be found … nothing to see here folks.

“They will never admit the Truth”. Not one life was worth their dirty tricks.

Cry and Howl

“And moreover I saw under the sun the place of judgment, that wickedness was there; and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there.”   Ecc. 3:16

World Trade Center Building 7

“We heard this sound that sounded like a clap of thunder … Turned around … we were shocked. It looked like there was a shockwave ripping through the building and the windows all busted out. About a second later the bottom floor caved out and the building followed after that.   A New York University medical student working as an emergency medical worker on 9/11/2001.

“I was real close to Building 7 when it fell down. That didn’t sound like just a building falling down to me. There’s a lot of eyewitness testimony down there of hearing explosions. All of a sudden I looked up, and … the thing started pealing [sic] in on itself. I started running…

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