It really is a hard life as you can see from the following photographs taken by my Mummy early hours of this morning, 5.30am to be precise, the Birds Dawn Chorus has just started and my mummy and Brother are still up, my older Brother has been in bed for hours, if you listen carefully you can hear him snoring, no its not a jumbo jet taking off its Jonathan snoring.

As you can see I am trying to go to sleep but mummy keeps taking these shots of me, one picture I am not too happy with her.   My Brother stripped his bed an hour ago and put on all lovely clean, smashing smelling bedding, he told me “don’t get on my bed” and of course I listened to him, I got on the bed.  I have my own big bed on the floor and my own “England” duvet cover, when my Brother finally gets to bed about 6am I get off the bed straight away and go on my own, when I know for certain my Brother is asleep I then very carefully get  back onto his bed and cuddle up next to him.

I would love to get into Mummy’s bed, but her’s is far too high, I just can’t reach it and my tummy gets in the way when I try to climb up.  “Go away, let me sleep, no more pics of me”, she won’t listen.  She thinks she is in charge but she is not, I run this house I’m not spoilt well not really my Brother only buys me one toy every Friday, used to be four but Mummy said “no more, the hall is full of fluffy toys and balls”.

I came to this house Six years ago this coming December, my Birthday is next month mummy tells me that I was born on April 29th, I’m a Spring Baby, like Mummy her Birthday is in May.  I was in kennels, as a Rescue Doggie.  The woman in charge of the Rescue Centre told my Mummy and Brothers they found homes for me three times but three times I was returned, they wouldn’t tell my Family why?  I don’t think I was naughty I was only a baby, things were done to me, I get scared at times and cry and don’t like anyone stroking one side of my face, it brings back not nice things to remember.

My younger Brother said the first time he saw me he wanted me and I loved him, I licked and licked him.  Mummy was not too sure, her other baby doggie had died some weeks prior and she was very upset.  When the kennel maid brought me out to meet my new mummy and brother, after I jumped up and down and licked my brother, I made a dive for my mummy who was sitting on a bench it was raining very cold and muddy and it was nearly Christmas, I jumped on mummy and she fell backwards off the bench, I don’t think she was very impressed with me.

Their last doggie was a Rescue Cross Border Collie, there are pictures of her everywhere in our house.  Mummy still cries for her when she talks about her.  It took some time for mummy to get to love me, but I know she does now and I love her.  I think because when she saw me I looked as though I was going to grow into a big dog, I am Cross Lurcher/Alsation and I am lazy and not spoilt!!  My Mummy has only ever had Rescue Doggies, she does not believe in people ordering and buying doggies, when there are enough of us in Kennels waiting for someone or a family we can love and they can love us.  No one should buy a doggie, please please think of us doggies that are left in Rescue Centres, and dumped on the streets.

Well I better go, thank you for reading all I had to say, I hope you like the pictures of me, oh I never told you my name did I, well its Daisy, my eldest Brother wanted to call me Holly but Mummy won.  Its a cold day here and its been raining not like Spring really, I’m tired and I think I need to curl up into my bed, the bed I have downstairs,  I did tell you didn’t I that I am not spoilt, next time we talk I’ll get mummy or my brothers to take some pictures of all my toys, I’ll get another new bear this Friday and you can see that.

Bye bye for now, I think mummy needs a mug of Strawberry Tea, she looks tired, so am I.  Time for Bed, lots of love and kisses (I like kissing people), Cheerio.

Here I am, I do like a good old stretch as you can see, mummy said I looked like a frog, the first picture I am trying to close my eyes.  Speak to you soon.


Just some pictures of me I thought you might like to see.  I hope you like my toys, I’m not really spoilt, am I?

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4 thoughts on ““IT’S A HARD LIFE”

  1. My dog lily is a very big part of our family shitzu black and white animals have a way of making thing all 👌 ok that’s what so good about them unconditional love the best medicine there is
    I hope all is well with you Anna
    And pain is at a level you can deal with,Please don’t even ask
    I call the Dr early this morning
    I’m still waiting to hear from him,love the story
    As Sheldon Always

    Liked by 1 person

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