Well every day it gets better, we find more stories, hear more truths, even from surprising quarters.  England, London “The Changing Face” of once an Historic, Welcoming Country.  It is so rapidly disappearing, if not in many instances what were once glorious buildings disappeared.  When Tourists will come here, those that may have been before to England to its Capital London they will remember what was once a Beautiful Capital London was, but no more.  If it is not the ugly Architecture that has sprung up, the old which had so much history and love has had its heart ripped out and knocked down to be replaced by the ugly face London has rapidly become.  Mosques, far too many, shops we no longer recognise, oh still some big names left but old familiar lovely shops gone. Foreign shops, Bakeries, Delis, general food stores Polish run, thats fine but many do not welcome the “British”, even signs have appeared “No English allowed”. where on earth am I living?

I would not want to visit a Country, major City that did not welcome us,  one of my Sons has spoken about going for a weekend to Athens, having seen a programme on Greece in the last few weeks, I would not risk it I would not feel safe.  Greece has had how many? illegal immigrants dumped on its shores.  The crime rate is up, well you can imagine the rest.

So come to England, come to London.  London?   Was I shocked to learn that our famous “Speakers Corner” in Hyde Park, where thousands and thousands over the years have spoken, where it was a familiar spot for Marxist to express their views – Karl Marx for example.  Allowed to say what they want, except anything derogatory about Queen well I think that is the case, recent events The Queen does not deserve respect let alone all the “hangers on”.  Where as a young girl on a Sunday afternoon, I would be taken with my Father and Mother to London.  My Father worked for Fords Motor Company, he could have had a heavily discounted new Car every year as an employee, but he never wanted one, he never wanted to drive.  So we would go on Bus trips, Coach trips during the year.  Nothing too exciting.

My Mother would insist that we had these trips, “so your Father can have some fresh air” she would say, we lived in a busy Town and my Father for as long as I could remember worked the night shift.  He would leave home 6pm and arrive home 7am the next morning, after his meal he would go to bed.  My parents were not the type that would play with, read to or even understand a young growing girl.  So every so often, especially at Christmas to see the lights, we would travel on the bus.  For me it was such a long journey, some of it I liked, some not.

We would eventually arrive in Oxford Street and the “orders” were give to get off the bus and always by my mother “stop that, do that, behave yourself”  I remember so often holding back the tears.  It was the same thing every time, looking at the shops, never buying anything, maybe a Walls ice cream.  Then to Hyde Park for the “fresh air” mummy would say. Walking around, sitting down, walking around, sitting down plus my mother’s voice saying “don’t dirty your socks, look  what you’ve done to your white sandals, I cleaned them”, I can hear my mother now “look at your dress whats that mark, don’t touch the flowers” mother never liked flowers.  When I started work, the Prudential Building I worked in, Engineers and Works, we had the famous Leather Lane Street Market around the corner from us, and every week I would buy flowers for my mother.  The chap that owned the flower stall had the best flowers, fresh that morning from Covent Garden, he would always pick the best flowers for me “there you go little darling” he would say to me with a wink (now days he would be accused of sexual assault – its all gone mad).   When I would get home, mother never really wanted the flowers, she never looked after them and they would die in a few days, always upset me, but I still bought them for her.

Our walk in Hyde Park would see me aloof, other girls like myself playing with their parents, my mother and father, all dressed up sitting on the bench.  Mother all dressed up with Hat and gloves and handbag, my Father smoking far too many, dressed in his best suit.  I would sit at the end of the bench swinging my legs, bored, upset and already a Loner.  We would always end up and sit again in the Rose Garden it was called in Hyde Park Corner, my mother would say (not for the first time) “this is where Daddy proposed to me in 1939, I was working for the Dr and his Wife in Twickenham and your father would travel up on the tube all the way from Dagenham just to see me” mother would say with Daddy responding “more fool me”!!  Happy times?

We would stand and listen to the man standing on his soapbox at Speakers Corner, the famous Speakers Corner.  Where we British accepted that anyone would stand there and say what they wanted, it was called FREE SPEECH” and listening to my Father I soon understood what it all meant.  We British complain all the time about the weather, then the Busses and trains (maybe still do) but we accepted that it was the right of anyone British or even Foreign that they could stand at Speakers Corner and say anything political or anything they wanted to say.  It would always be packed at Speakers Corner, people would applaud or moan about what was being said, some might argue but they would listen.  This was England and this what all those who have fought in Wars here or abroad fought for and died for.  This was the Freedom in Great Britain, the Freedom in my Country, my Birthplace that we knew WOULD NEVER CHANGE.

Now every Friday at Hyde Park Corner at SPEAKERS CORNER, it can be seen much to my shock, horror and utter disgust, Muslims laying out their mats and what do they call it “called to pray”, there they can be seen chanting or whatever it is they do and to be honest I really don’t want to know the details.   How many times must I repeat this “THIS IS AND WILL REMAIN A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY” , this is so wrong and we do not want this at our famous landmark, what these Muslims are doing is “PROVOKING US”.  I can just imagine if the Catholics, or Baptists, Methodists, Church of England, the Synagogue had their gatherings at Speakers Corner, the Police would come along and it would be stopped.  Are the Muslims stopped, hell NO.   They have infiltrated the Police.    Welcome to England.



Paul Weston, a Candidate in a Political Party wanted to talk about Islam, he told the crowds that had gathered to hear him, he was well known there, that “I want to read something to you”.  Before he did that, they saw a woman on her phone and he knew what she was up to.  Three minutes later the Police arrived in force.  Paul Weston was told “you are offending people, insulting them, causing trouble”, he had intended to read a quote  from Sir Winston Churchill but he was prevented.

The Police arrested there and then Paul Weston and led him away.  80% of the crowds present called out “what are you doing to him, leave him alone”, the Police ignored them, the other 20%% shouted out “Racist, Nazi” the Marxist Far Left loonies had arrived.

“Welcome to England”, the Country of Free Speech – the Country where Sir Winston Churchill was and still is revered, and not only here but in America too.  Just how low has this Country, my Country, sunk that a person cannot quote from Sir Winston Churchill.  Yet we can have muslims on their prayer mats every Friday at Speakers Corner” rabbiting on.

The above was last year 2017, it is far far worse now in this Country.  The Whites and those Black, Indians etc who detest what is going on, who are scared at what is going on in this Country, we have NO RIGHTS it seems, be a radical Muslim be a Terrorist and you will be protected.  The Police will protect you, the Government, the Politicians.  “Welcome to England”.


Tommy Robinson attending a meeting and all of a sudden the vicious, vile, corrupt, high up supported ANTIFA arrived.  They spotted a Muslim standing next to Tommy Robinson and ANTIFA charged across the road to drag him away, to them, Tommy Robinson and all those there were going to attack this Muslim man they shouted.

ANTIFA pulled and attempted to drag this Muslim away, until a voice shouted out “what are you doing to me” the morons the vile rubbish ANTIFA told the gentleman he was about to be attacked by Robinson and all those around, “go away” the Muslim said “I Want to be here, I want to stand next to him” (Tommy Robinson), did the Police intervene when ANTIFA tries to cause a riot, like hell they did.  One word from Tommy Robinson and the Police move in.  Orders from where, high up, all corrupt.


Baroness Warsi Conservative Party Chairman, DANGEROUS.  Condems Tommy Robinson, wants him kept quiet, wants the British Public to be what they have always been, reticent.  She strongly objected that a British Peer, Lord Pearson of Rannoch  invited Tommy Robinson to the House of Lords, Tommy Robinson did a brilliant interview with Lord Rannoch  and they got on so well,  Lord Rannoch gave Tommy Robinson some very good advice that would help all of those that want this Country to remain a Christian Country and wants to keep our Freedom of Speech.  Baroness Warsi no criticism from her about Terrorists.  Gerry Adams. Martin McGuinness (now dead thank heavens and rotting in hell hopefully for all those murders of Protestants and Catholics, his own faith.  All those men, women and children.  There are other IRA  MPs including Adams in the House of Commons, to her they are welcome.

Baroness Warsi, the good member of The House of Lords, the critical woman of Lord Pearson and Tommy Robinson, her hands are clean, are they?  She is currently under investigation (and of course it will be white washed, she will be cleared, we are too used to corruption). undeclared links to Abid Hussain a relative by marriage and business partner in her catering business.  Abid Hussain has been or more likely still is involved in HIZB – ut – TAHRIR a radical Islamist Party, which the Conservative Government had pledged to Ban.  Have they, NO

Abid Hussain once went to Downing Street, stood in the Drawing Room of No.10, shook hands with the former Prime Minister David Cameron.  Hussain, this Terrorist Group that he believes in wants “BRITAIN TO BE RUN UNDER STRICT ISLAMIC LAW”.   We are on the way to it, BRITAIN HAS TO WAKE UP QUICKLY.

Hizb – ut – Tahrir promotes Racism (thought we British we whites were the Racists) and anti Semitism, praising suicide bombers and urges Muslims to Murder Jews.  Hussain has travelled to Pakistan with Warsi on her Parliamentary business, not only has the British Taxpayer paid for Warsi First Class Travel and First Class Hotels and Expenses, but we have also paid for this Terrorist living Abid Hussain.  Hussain has been to, wait for it, Receptions at The House of Lords, yet Warsi wants Lord Pearson banned from The House of Lords but she wants Tommy Robinson, a man that is not a Terrorist  banned from The House of Lords.  Double Standards.     Warsi is also a strong supporter of another Group, a very slick but corrupt group who want sharia law in this Country and America (America be warned) she attends meetings, introduces them in Parliament in fact does all she can to help them.   I will name them later.

How the hell can we, members of the British Public whether we be White or Black trust any Politician, its more than Double Standards, its complete Corruption.  On Sunday Tommy Robinson will attempt to read the letter that the Austrian who was arrested last weekend on entering this Country, and handcuffed at Heathrow Airport along with his companion a Female Canadian Journalist who came to conduct an interview, the were taken away and locked up for days in an Asylum Centre where they had no contact with each other, where the Female Journalist risked being beaten up or Raped.

At “Speakers Corner” on Sunday Tommy Robinson will attempt to read this letter, I have absolutely no doubt the Coppers will be out in force.  The Marxist Left Wing will be out in force, all looney lefties will be out in force but most of all those vicious, vile, disgusting ANTIFA will be out in force to beat up anyone who attempts Free Speech.  This is England this is the once Great Britain, slowing sinking into more corruption more filth and losing all the good vestiges that we have loved and enjoyed.      (This section had been typed a week or two ago).



We will not allow ourselves to be taken over by Terrorist Groups, by ANTIFA, by those Muslims who want to destroy us.  Two World Wars were fought, too many died on both sides, for our Freedom.  More men and women will die so we can enjoy our Freedom.  Whatever it takes, those that want to see us under “strict Islamic Law”, they will never ever see Great Britain under them.

Time the British Government, all Politicians and those that favour Muslim Law and want an end to our Christian Beliefs, time they were told that the ordinary people will stand up we will be counted we will do all we can to “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK” before it disappears completely into that pile of shit called Islamic Law – there is nothing Peaceful about it.

Labour and Jeremy Corbyn in particular has aligned himself to some very dangerous groups.  labour already have Momentum nothing but thugs and then they have “Say No to Hate Campaign”,  which is all about the Muslims and how there are no Terrorists, they are all peace loving, they do not believe in racism, but they hate the majority of the Whites, they hate anything to do with Christianity – they believe this Country should be under Sharia Law.  They are hand in hand with a extremely dangerous group that so far have Infiltrated the Police, the Ambulance Service, the NHS the Education service, the Government and Politicians.   More on this group later and what they intend to happen to Great Britain.  The Group is called MEND.




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