The Truth

has now become

a dirty word

the Truth

the UK does not want


The British are too laid back

keep your eyes and ears closed

until that awful day

when you wake up

and you live under

Sharia Law


The Truth

must never be stopped

speak out

write the words


The Truth is there

shout it out

for all to hear

Stand up UK


Shout for all to hear

the Truth is there

we have the right to hear it

to speak it


For this is a Christian Country

No one will destroy

Say NO to Terrorists

and their sympathisers

NO to sharia law


Freedom of Speech

Freedom to say and hear the Truth

of what is going on in the UK

They Will Never Stop The Truth






Simon and Garfunkel  –  “The Sounds of Silence”

We never learn anything until its too late.



  1. The truth is that at 4.4% of the population – 2.8 million – it is going to be one hell of a long time before we have Sharia law. I think you are reading too much propaganda from far-right groups – Tommy Robinson and the BNP. I don’t like Islam. But then I don’t like any religion. Most Muslims don’t even want sharia law. I really think you have to keep this all in proportion.

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    1. For a start Tommy Robinson is not connected with the BNP. How dare you suggest I am reading propagande from Far Right Groups. At least I am not swallowing all the dangerous, treacherous, bullying, anti semitic pamphlets that comes from Labour/Momentum/Say no to hate and all the other very dangerous connections Corbyn and Mcdonnell have. Watch and listen to the groups that have infiltrated the Police/Ambulance/NHS and Education, “advisors, really? MPs on both sides of the House, Lords on both sides too scared to offend muslims they accept the dangerous things they are told, people like Warsi and her extremely dangerous connections – not true? No, I think it is you and others that are burying your heads and not seeing the truth. Sharia law is something those muslims want and are prepared to die for. Most muslims do want it, the others are too scared to speak out. I am not a fool Opher.

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    2. I agree that 4.4% is relatively small. But what’s absent in your point is that it IS growing. Aside from its growth is the radicalization of Muslim youth by rogue Imams. I agree with Anna in the respect that offending this group has become a political hot button for politicians. As in the US, there seem to be an ample amount of European politicians who are willing to sacrifice the sanctity of European nations for the right to be called politically correct. As a side note, my parents were/are immigrants from Italy. They came her to become Americans. They didn’t try to impose their culture on the host nation that was generous enough to take them in. This is wisdom in the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans”.


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