Just some lines to make you smile in this the 5th day of April, and here by the Sea where I live in England, its a lovely sunny Spring afternoon.  The Daffodils are swaying in the slight breezes and the Camellias my Red and White standing proudly showing off their colours, and there climbing up the large Tree here by the Rose Garden is the Pink Camelia spreading out as it climbs higher and higher.

I sit here in my kitchen sipping my fruit Tea of Apple/Orange Peel/Rose Hip and Cinnamon, with Cloves and Caramel  and strange it all tastes of Autumn and I close my eyes and taste the Woods and glorious colours of the Trees with their leaves falling, but its Spring as I open my eyes.

Below the first Quote I use reflects on Winter and it is by Shelly.

“Oh the wind, when Winter comes, can Spring be far behind.”


I just love the next Quote, sorry I don’t know who wrote it.  I wouldn’t mind if this was read out at my Funeral, I’ll smile from above (thats if I am good enough to go to Heaven), when I will hear this.

“Readers pass on, don’t waste your time on bad biography or bitter rhyme, for what I am this cumbest day ensures, and what I was is no affair of yours”


I wonder how many Husbands or just Men would say or perhaps just think the following;

“Here lies thank Heavens a Woman who quarrelled and stormed her life through, tread lightly or her sleeping form, for fear you wake another storm”


Now for some favourites, the first by by Robert Frost.

“The woods are lovely dark and deep and I have promises yet to keep and miles to go before I sleep”

“He prayeth best who lovest best, all creatures great and small”  Samuel Coleridge.

“Every Man dies, not every Man lives”  –  William Wallace

“My hate will die with you”  –  Robert The Bruce  –  (those six words have a deep meaning for me)

Finally, the following is so hauntingly beautiful, and words I found comforting when my Husband, David, Died all those years ago.  They are words that I also send to people who have lost a much loved One, when its sometimes verbally difficult to find the right words to comfort someone who is in deep pain.  I hope you will find the words so soothing.  They were written by  –   Leo Marks SOE

“The Life that I have is all that I have

and the Life that I have is yours.

The Love that I have of the Life that I have

is yours and yours and yours.


A sleep I shall have a rest I shall have

yet Death will be but a pause.

For the Peace of my years

in the long green grass

will be yours and yours and yours”.


Hope you all enjoyed the above and the following, take care  –  Anna.







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