Early hours of this morning as I was relaxing after having a lovely bubbly bath, my youngest Son came into me and said “put 501 the news on, you’ll be shocked”, well I put number 501 on the tv which was Sky news and I was shocked, shocked and fuming.  Fuming why, well the answer was simply our Prime Minister here in the UK, Theresa May, along with America’s President Trump and Emmanuel Macron of France, decided despite not giving our MPs the chance to vote on her decision, she agreed with the other two Countries and their leaders to Attack President Assad’s Syria.

Big, Big mistake and my anger I am having trouble trying to maintain.  Now let me say here I like President Trump and I admire all he has done in the very short time he has been President, more than any other President I can remember, Obama’s 8 long years achieved nothing.  Now some may say “maybe so but at least he did not declare War”, and thats true but he was and is a gutless individual.  There are not many American Presidents that have not gone to War, whether legitimate or not.  As in Bush and that Traitor here in the UK Tony Blair who took my Country to War over “allegations of Weapons, chemicals etc” that did not exist.  Blair did ask the British MPs to vote, but lied to the House of Commons “with his dodgy dossier”  that cost far too many British lives, and Blair to this day and beyond will have the Blood of these Brave British Men and Women that Died so he could help his Pal Bush Jrn out, on his grubby little hands.

Early hours of this morning Theresa May done the exact same as Blair, she has opened us the British People to more danger than she could ever remember.  One Russian Life lost and Putin will take Action, and who could deny that he would be wrong.  I know now, I had my doubts, but was not 100% sure, that the chemical attack here in the UK that was blamed on the Russians, was a LIE.  A Lie inasmuch that the Russians told the truth, “They Did Not Do It”.

Just as I am 100% sure that President Assad did NOT do what he has been accused of.  Never in a million years will I believe that he did it.  I saw the film as everyone else has and you have to be an idiot if you cannot see the truth.  It was staged the whole thing was staged and not well staged at that.  Two Doctors on Duty in the Hospital have told the truth, that the so called attack of chemicals on the children was all lies.

I do not under any circumstances believe President Trump’s Officials who say they have philes of blood taken from the Children that proves the attacks.  The CIA and MI5 and MI6 are very very capable of stageing all this, so that they can blame the Russians and depose President Assad.  I believe that the chemical attack here in Britian was staged by the British and the Americans, it did not do what they wanted, so hence this.  These people are so easily read.

It’s becoming clear every day that here in the UK one cannot speak out too much.  A Journalist was questioned because he made a joke.  A Joke I have heard my Sons say so many times over the years, a joke that most men and women have repeated in this Country, I have even heard the Welsh say it themselves, and it is about the Welsh.  The Joke, and I suppose I may be questioned for repeating this, well here goes, you could say it’s a bit course but nevertheless this is it “everyone knows the Welsh are sheep shaggers”.  The Police have told this highly respected Journalist and Broadcaster that he will be Prosecuted under The Hate Crimes Laws  –  bollocks.  Have the Police nothing else to do, it certainly looks like it.

When it comes to nothing else to do.  I would love to ask Theresa May why she is Bombing Syria when she has enough trouble at home.  She has Murders in Double Figures in London, they have not been sorted.  We have the useless Mayor Khan saying this and that, words words words, no good.  Action is needed.  We had a retired ex War Veteran attacked in his home, an attempted burglary by a  career criminal, the attack went wrong with the Veteran trying to protect his Alzheimer Wife, he stabbed the scum to death good riddance.  Now the Residents of that Street are being persecuted by the scum Gypsy family of this dead man, the War Veteran and his wife can no longer live in their home they have lived in for countless years.  The Residents Persecuted day after day, and the Police the useless waste of money Police, what are they doing.  Protecting the Gypsies, and threatening to Arrest the Residents.  Has this Country this World gone mad I ask.  Since when is a piece of gypsy scum a career criminal more important than the Victim?  We need in this Country a Police Force that protects us,  that comes out of their stations and work on the streets.  Do the jobs they are paid to do.  “Theresa May whilst you are busy Bombing Syria without any proof, why are you not sorting out these problems in your own Country.

If I could send a personal message to Theresa May PM that I knew would be read by her, and there’s no chance of that in hell.  It would be the following;

“Whilst you are at it, Theresa May, prepare yourself for the next attacks on us the British People by ISIS.  The very ISIS that President Assad has virtually got rid off, without any help from the West.  When you cause more civilians to leave Syria and head for another Country, here of course, don’t expect the majority of the British Public to sit back and take more illegal Immigrants Flooding into the UK.  Do your work here Theresa May not Bombing Syria”.

Theresa May is coming back to an almighty Row with the MPs and rightly so.  She did NOT seek approval from them.  We the People in this the United Kingdom (united a joke these days) vote for an Candidate to be our MP to represent us His/Her Constituant.  Therefore, we hand responsibility to the MPs to make the right choice for his/her constituant.  More times than not they go against what the majority of their constituents would want.  One would hope, if say for example, my MP Giles Watling Conservative voted against Bombing Syria I would have personally been delighted.  But, the MPs were denied their chance to vote by the Prime Minister and that is wrong so wrong.

In playing up to President Trump and France Theresa May has not listened to the British People, the majority of whom did NOT want her to Bomb Syria.  It is Wrong in every way, it will cause more refugees and we do not want them here in the UK.  Send them to America, and let President Trump sort that one out.





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