I am not long back from my six weekly visit to the Hairdressers and all the little extra treats there.  I alway come home feeling really good, pampered and dare I say it myself, rather presumptuous, I think I look good.

I don’t drive so have to have a cab there and back, I always use the same cab company, makes it easier for me, and I know that they are usually friendly and helpful, especially as I am not so steady on my feet as I was a year or so ago.

Coming home this afternoon, talking away to the cab driver, I do tend to talk.  We were discussing Politics, the World  –  is there a cab driver who does not know all there is to know about such things.  Well anyway I enjoyed talking to this young fellow.

As we drew up to the House, he said “do you live there all on your own”, I am always rather weary about questions like that but I told him  No I have two grown Sons who live in the House as well.  Which I do, we more or less live separately, meeting for meals.  Last night my eldest Son prepared a great meal – I so thoroughly enjoyed  the Salmon Fillets he lightly fried with Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Green Pesto on top, accompanied with  lovely asparagus Spears.  Topped off with  Scottish Raspberries set in Raspberry Jelly smothered in Irish Double Cream  –  never mind the calories!!

I came in chuffed this afternoon from the hairdressers, the cab driver said to me “how many Grandchildren do you have” when I told him I didn’t have any he said “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend, only you look just like a Nana, would you like some” I told him “Yes indeed” and he said ” I thought you were a nana because you look all soft and kind”.  When I told my Sons they laughed and said “he doesn’t know you”, I’ll forget they said that.  Seriously I so loved the complement of being a Nana  –  who knows maybe one day, or in my dreams I will be one.

I’ll Dream On.  Maybe it’s Spring has got to me, my favourite time of Year and my favourite Months April and May.






The One And Only Ella Fitzgerald    –    “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most”

8 thoughts on “SO SOFT

  1. This made me smile! That dude had no clue what an iron will you have under that soft, gentle appearance! I guess you have the best of both worlds! You never know when one of the boys just might meet their match! don’t give up yet!

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    1. Do I have an Iron will? I guess I fight for what I believe to be right. Cheryl, I really find it hard to cope when I leave my comfort zone, my home, its where I feel safe, secure. Maybe I give good impression of being someone tough. One day I hope I’ll hold that Grandchild.

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      1. I know what you mean about going out of your comfort zone. I’m less and less inclined to do that these days. My sister had surgery yesterday and I had to be at the hospital all day. I thought I was gonna not make it home I was hurting so bad and was so wobbly. Arn came up to get me and took one loo. Butk and knew I was done for. He took me out for dinner so I didn’t have to cook. But your dinner sounds SO much better than what I had!!!

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    2. Cheryl how did we get like this. I really think all these damn drugs the Doctors put me on have caused so much trouble. David came into the bathroom after I had my bath he said “do you know what time it is, its 4.40, nearly 5 am what’s wrong”, I had no idea he said I was not myself seemed lost, apparently I was in the bath going on for two hours, I don’t know if I fell asleep. Do you find yourself falling asleep, I do, ever since the Consultant put me on the tables for the kidney, they make me fall as well. You get wobbly too, isn’t it awful to be like this. How are you now, yesterday was too much for you too stressful. How is your Sister? Your new picture on your blog, you look lovely. It’s a beautiful Spring day here, and my Cherry Tree in the front garden looks wonderful all the blossom. Wish so much we could meet up have coffee, lunch and chat, I would be talking too much of course. Take care poppet. Annaxxxx

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      1. Cindy is doing well, thanks. It’s been kind of a hard time for my niece (who has moved home from California) as she is trying to take care of Greg since Cindy can’t push and pull him to use the hoist to get him from bed to chair, etc. Holly called Cindy in the middle of the night at the hospital just having a meltdown because she had lost her patience with Greg and yelled at him. She cried and cried. She’s only 28. She wasn’t ready to have to deal with her dad like this. She talked to me a lot about how she was feeling when we were at the hospital waiting for Cindy to come out of surgery.

        As for me, I’m ornery as ever. That’s one thing that will NEVER change! 🙂 You know how it is. Good days, bad days, wanna stay in bed days. Little concerned about you, however. Do you need to set a timer or something when you take your bath? You sure don’t want to drift off to sleep and drown yourself, girl! ❤

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  2. Your poor Niece, it is not easy and she is only a young girl. I remember when my Father was dying, I was a year older than your niece and not just hard to face someone you love being so ill in front of you but trying to do your best day after day. That reminds of when David was dying and I never slept couldn’t sleep so exhausted but kept going and he was a ton weight even though the weight was falling off him, something kept me going, I know it was God, He gave me the strength to keep going. Has your niece given up her career in California, thats sad. I am pleased Cindy is doing well after her op. Me, well David checks on me now when I am in the bath, I just lay back in the bath and dream and go off to sleep, I have to try and keep awake. Probably like you, I hate being like this in pain all the time, falling asleep, I see life passing me by., damn tablets and Doctors they do more permanent harm than good. I wish I had never gone to the Doctor in the first place.

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    1. Thanks Opher. I keep telling them to get out there and have a better life for themselves, both just tell me “why, we are fine” when I mention I would love Grandchildren I hear “you have Daisy”, true she is my baby and spoilt like one too.


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