There are few that one feels you can trust in life.  To know that a sibling has stolen from you, stolen what was your right, is hard to take but there is little you can do to rectify that situation, but you trust that it will be the last time.  A Legacy, a verbal legacy and a question of trust.  All her Father had to leave her, split between the two of them, but her Sibling stole it all and more.  This is what confronted Susan day after day.

Susan would watch on screen as her sibling would steal her property and then replant it.  Letters and packages steamed open and then resealed.  Her sibling would watch to see if she was awake.  Awake because the thief decided to steal around 6am when it thought the coast was clear.

Susan wondered what she could do, she knew what she wanted to do.  If she told Ben who was close to her, he would advise “hold off”, when really all she wanted to do was confront her sibling and slap her down.  Their smugness in stealing and cheating from her was stomach churning.  Bank Cards never turning up, even the number sent at a different time from the card, all disappeared.  New card sent out but same number, oh no Susan could not accept that.

Day after day, month after month Susan would watch as that bitch would sneak out of the house when it was dark, the Birds had not even woken up from their slumber.  Susan watched as this evil individual with her special tool would replant a letter or package that she had stolen, when yesterday or two weeks ago or longer.  She would even stop the post delivery man and ask for the mail, he would hand it over because he knew she lived in the house as well.

He was in the wrong to do so, handing mail over and not putting it in the Post Box on their property.  Susan longed to confront her sibling but Susan listened to Ben “she will trip herself up” he said “but she has done that already Ben, taking my mail and opening it and then re planting it back in the box” said Susan.  “I know my darling I know that but wait just wait” Ben told her as he held her in his arms, “ok Ben I’ll listen to you as I always do”.

Yet Susan wanted nothing more than to hit this cow really lay into her for all the physical damage she had done to her, all times she had broken down and cried and cried because of what her sibling had done to her.

Life is “what you make it” so they say, and its true but when you are trapped “as I am” Susan would tell herself, and of course others saw it, said nothing, well that was not quite true they would gossip, oh how they liked to gossip.  Where did they get the gossip from “Miss Old Platterpus” of course.

Even though Susan had known for years her sibling was taking her mail she could not physically prove it, now she had all the proof she needed.  Costly but such a little genius that item was.  As she would watch her sibling sneaking out into the garden, looking to Susan’s bedroom windows see if the coast was clear, especially the coast as far as her sibling was concerned, then her sibling with her special tool she would replace mail she had previously stolen.

As much as it made Susan feel physically sick it also elated her that she had “caught this skunk”.  How could two siblings be so different but they were, Susan had never felt right being with her as a child and beyond, they were never sisters not as sisters should be.  It would be true to say Susan was scared of her sibling she always was.

One day soon it would all come to a head, which one would come out victorious, which one would physically survive?











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