“It’s time to go home”

he said as he made his way

back to his little home

his comfort his place of joy


It had been a long night

Edward had been working hard

his feet tired his nose cold

time for home and to rest


He saw the giants

who lived in the house

and he saw their protector

he wasn’t too scared of her now

in fact they  just ignored each other


The protector would roam

all around the garden

sometimes barking

sometimes sneezing


At last here was home

and Edward will soon

be tucked up for the next hours

warm and safe in his hideaway


Now he can rest

until tomorrow

when he will be doing

the same all over again


He will no doubt

see the giants again

they leave him alone

in fact they are good

for all the food they put out


Edward the Hedgehog

safe at home

tucked up

and his tummy full






4 thoughts on “EDWARD

    1. I don’t think so Cheryl, our one comes to the back door, although he runs when he sees Daisy, she takes no notice. They are, Hedgehogs, they say the Gardeners Friend”, he certainly gets plenty to eat here thats for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I saw two of the poor creatures squashed on the road yesterday. They are becoming so rare. We have destroyed their food with indiscriminate use of pesticides and robbed them of habitat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thats awful Opher, they are such sweet little things, our one is quite friendly he runs when he sees Daisy but she does not bother, he is good with us though. I love their little eyes and nose, we need to have more Opher. Edward lives under our Terrace, don’t know if he has a Family only seen him, but there is always plenty of food for him here and fresh water, and at the end of the garden its all woody with shrubs etc. There is a Shepherds Pie going out for him tonight, so he should be alright. Hope you and the Family are well.


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