I was always under the impression that there was a Memorial, perhaps a garden of remembrance to Lee Rigby the Royal Fusilier who was butchered by two homegrown Muslim terrorists. His head left barely attached to his neck with numerous other wounds, left to die in the arms of a stranger who ended up committing suicide because she couldn’t cope with what she saw.

I have learnt tonight from my youngest Son after he mentioned to me that there is to be a national Stephen Lawrence day (an innocent Black teenager who was racially killed by white scum).  I am appalled and annoyed that such a day should be given to this, as tragic as his murder was he isn’t the only Black murder victim who has not received justice.

To say there will be a national day for Lawrence but NOTHING for Lee Rigby, a serving British soldier who was targeted purely for his race, religion and occupation, NO different to why Lawrence was targeted.  Union Jacks and the St George Cross along with floral tributes have been ripped down from the railing next to the spot where he died.  The council canvassed local residents asking them to raise their objection to the unofficial memorial (no one had complained to trigger this letter), the response the council received was unanimous in that there should be a memorial.  Still the Council sent out little jobsworths in the dead of night to rip down to the memorial.  The Labour run Greenwich council don’t want a memorial where it is, they want it hidden away down the dual carriageway where no one can stop to pay their respects for fear of causing offence to the Muslim residents.



  1. I don’t know enough of the reasoning to comment on the council and the memorial. The attack on poor Lee Rigby was a cowardly heinous crime and I hope those indoctrinated scum rot in prison for ever. The attack on poor Stephen Lawrence was equally atrocious. The great tragedy there is that there are still a number of that racist gang not locked away safely behind bars. I personally am not opposed to remembering those terrible crimes as a warning to us that our freedoms are precious and we have to ensure that religious fanatics and racial scum do not commit such terrible acts again. As you say there have been many such deaths, far too many, to focus just on Stephen Lawrence seems wrong to me. He is one of many.

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    1. Where do you stop with these “Remembrance Days”, what annoys me is Stephen Lawrence’s mother she is a very vindictive woman full of hatred, maybe rightly so for her son’s killers but not just that Opher. She Hates this Country and has stated that fact many a time. She is a Dame why? She denied her former Husband and children the right to have the Son/Brother buried here, she took him back to where she came from and why in her own words “I won’t bury him in that Country that hated him”. Now we didn’t hate him, sick minded individuals did. What about little 10 year old Damilola Taylor murdered, left to bleed to death on a staircase, I have never forgotten him. He was Black, who remembers him? Did you know that Mr Taylor was a mentor to one of Lee Rigby’s killers, how he must feel trying to help a boy who would be a killer. What about another Innocent Black Boy aged 18, a Student murdered by racists Liverpudlian scum, Joey Barton the footballer, his Brother buried an Ice Axe in poor Anthony Walker’s head. Do we hear about him, of course not, but I remember.


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