He woke wiping his eyes, turned sideways in his bed and there was no one there, she was gone.  He got out of his bed, sat on the edge and rubbed his hair.  Went to his windows and flung them open, the air smelt good fresh at least.  He saw Mrs Wilson waving from her apartment window, he waved back and she kept pointing downwards, “what the hell is wrong with her” he said out loud.  Then looking downwards as Mrs Wilson was pointing to, he realized he was naked, quickly moved from the window.

He poured himself a coffee, a thick black coffee and sat at his table, felt the cold of the seat on his backside rose and grabbed his dressing gown from the floor.  Blankets laid on the floor, he smiled  “yes it was a good night, a very good night, just wish she had stayed this morning, I had too much to drink must have passed out” he said.

He sat there thinking of her, “what the hell was her name we didn’t get to saying the names”.  Unlike the  others he was remembering how she talked to him, asked him questions, was interested in him.  He sat there holding the hot mug of thick black coffee.

He wasn’t interested in commitments, somewhere for him to rest his head, whether it be his place or hers or a hotel just someone to be with someone to love to feel loved for those few hours.

He tried to tell himself she was like all the others, here and gone, but there was something about her something that made her different, if only she had stayed, perhaps they could have, “what the hell I won’t be seeing her again, what’s the point” he said out loud.  He drank his coffee and decided to shower, get going for the day.

He threw his dressing gown off and walked into his shower.  His strong shoulders, wide firm chest he rubbed his chest the hairs all wet as he slapped on his shower gel and rubbed it all over his chest and shoulders and arms down his torso, his hairy thighs and legs, he stood under the shower and let the water run through his hair down his back his body, then he heard a sound.

Was that the doorbell, no don’t say it is “to hell with you” he shouted, but the doorbell continued.  He turned the shower off, just about to walk to the door and remembered Mrs Wilson and the look on her face, he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his lower half, hoping the towel covered “everything”.

He went to the door, opened it and couldn’t believe it, there SHE stood, she from last night.  “Goodmorning Tom, I wondered if you would be up, don’t you have any bigger towels” she said with this wide smile on her face.  She called me Tom he said to himself, whats her name, she must have given it to me.  “Come in come in” he said politely holding the towel tightly with his left hand.  “I thought you had gone” he said but hesitated “Lucy” she said “its Lucy, I somehow knew you would forget” she said to him, “why’s that” he asked her “Tom you were drunk we got you home here and you wouldn’t let go of me, don’t you remember” she asked him “sorry, but no” he told her.

“Who was the we bit that got me home” Tom asked, “now I could hardly manage you myself could I, do you remember getting into the cab, well the driver helped get you up here and he put you on the bed” she said “and the rest, who undressed me Lucy, him” he asked hoping for the right answer.  “Will you be disappointed if I say that I did it all on my own” asked Lucy, Tom smiled his beautiful smile she thought, Tom answered her “I was hoping that’s what you would say”.

Lucy kissed Tom softly on his lips, “you fell asleep in my arms, I had trouble trying to get your PJs on so just left them, I came back to see if you were alright, you are aren’t you Tom” she asked.  “Yes I’m fine Lucy, much better now that you came back, did we um urgh” Tom couldn’t quite ask “make love no we didn’t make love” said Lucy as Tom kissed her and she felt his strong chest his strong shoulders.  Tom held her close and then “oops” Lucy said as she looked down with Tom staring downwards as well as his towel laid crumbled on the floor.  “well we could make love now if you want to Tom” she asked.

Tom swept her up off her feet and laid her on the bed “I think we better and this time it’s my turn to undress you” he said.  As Tom was undoing her blouse and slipping it off and then lowering the bra straps and exposing her breasts “Tom” she said as he caressed her left breast “Im listening” he said “Lucy continued “I was only going to say I’m glad I came back”, as she felt Tom’s body on hers she sighed, “I’m glad you came Lucy” Tom said.

For Tom this could be the start of an affair take it day by day, at least now and tonight he would not be alone, he would have someone to lay down on those soft pillows someone to hold and someone to caress and make love to.  Not alone tonight it felt good, he knew that there was something different about her, Lucy was different she wanted to know about him, she made him felt wanted and he could not remember the last time that anyone had done that for him.




Such a beautiful film, so well acted by Steve Mcqueen, the beautiful Candice Bergen and Dickie Attenborough.  Theme from “The Sandpebbles”.


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