I longed to be loved, to be held by someone, who like me needed love in their life.  I walked down the hill, it was raining albeit slightly I had my umbrella up to shield the rain from my face.  What made me at that point look across the road and there you stood, tall smartly dressed, you stood there under the streetlight, your hair dark. you bowed your head a little, your dark blue coat looked like cashmere and you held a briefcase.

Did you see me looking at you, I was drawn to you, how or why I didn’t know but I just had to look, you must have felt my glancing at you, for you looked up and there and then our eyes met, it seemed for such a long time that they did.  You smiled, I nervously smiled back.  I turned but did not move, I felt your eyes still on me, I had to look you knew I had to look back.

It was then you called out “not a very nice evening is it” and you laughed, I smiled and called across to you, “no, its not you should have an umbrella”, what is wrong with me did that sound stupid what I said, I questioned my sense.  You were still smiling when you said “you’re right, but I left it in my office, good for you remembering ” you said, then I heard my voice and I couldn’t believe what I was saying  “you can share  mine if you like” I said to you.  Suddenly you were crossing the road and the next moment you were standing next to me.  What had I done, but I knew deep down it was right, right that we should be here standing close.

“I’ll take you up on your offer if I may” you said and then as you took my umbrella our hands touched and we just stood there, you had to feel my hand shaking slightly. As you held the umbrella over me you had to bend a little as you were taller than me.  We walked on a little then you stopped and asked me “I don’t suppose you would like to go for coffee by any  chance”, I was lost in your eyes they were smiling, you stood so close I could smell your aftershave slightly.  “Yes I would love to, at least we would be out of the rain” I said to you, was I mad I didn’t even know his name he didn’t know mine.  Before I had even finished saying that to myself we were walking into a restaurant.

“Good evening Sir, Madam, table for two” the waiter said addressing, no name I didn’t know it.  “Yes this will be fine” you said as you held the chair for me and said “your coat”, you helped me remove it and you handed both coats to the waiter, you were so polite so nice.   We sat at this table by the window by the fire “Sir, Madam the menus”, you looked at me and smiled “just two coffees at the moment, we are rather cold and they would go down well” you addressed the waiter, “certainly Sir right away” and the waiter smiled at me.

I had just plucked up the courage to ask your name when you suddenly held out your right hand to me and said “I’m Patrick Walsh and your name”, you smiled as you asked me I took your hand and shook it “my name is Alexandra Whetstone”, you held onto my hand “Alexandra such a beautiful name it suits you” you made me smile at you “actually not many call me by my real name they call me Alex” I said and as though that wasn’t enough to say I heard myself prattle on with “my Parents, particular my Father dislikes that, they always call me Alexandra” I told you.  “Then I shall call you Alexandra, besides it suits you so well”, just then the waiter arrived with the coffees and you let go of my hand “shall I come back when you are ready to order Sir”, he enquired “yes thats fine” you told him.

Was I in a dream, was this for real, it seemed hours ago that I first saw you, was this wrong my Mother would think so but not my Father he would smile.  “Would you like to have dinner with me Alexandra” you said “don’t don’t” I heard my voice say but I ignored it all and said “yes I would its very kind of you”.  You handed me the menu and whilst you perused yours I could not help but look at you, I felt so close to you it was as though I had always known you, as I longingly stared at you I heard your voice saying something, but what was it “shall I then Alexandra” you asked me, “I’m sorry I missed what you said”, I didn’t miss it I was totally blanked out it seemed.    “I was asking if you would like me to order for us both” as you said this a smile rose from the right side of your mouth.  “Please do I trust your judgement” I had to let you order, my legs were wobbly my hands were shaking, there were butterflies going in all directions in my stomach, my head was where, I didn’t know, what is wrong with me I asked myself.

The waiter came “Sir may I take your order, yes two medium rare fillet steaks, medium rare is that alright with you Alexandra” you asked me, “oh yes thats absolutely fine” I answered back, you continued to the waiter “some Asparagus and a green salad I think, yes a green salad for us” you seemed so confident in yourself, like my Father so sure.  “Do you require the wine waiter Sir” said our waiter, ” yes please” you told him.

“Well Alexandra, we finally meet” you said and took  me by surprise “sorry what do you mean” I asked of you.  Your smile captivated me, looked at me and stated “I have seen you nearly every evening, walking along on the other side of the street, except when I have been caught up in late meetings”, “I had no idea, until this evening and I saw you and well its embarrassing, you must have thought me, do you think I am too forward” I tried but not very successfully not to look at your eyes  “I don’t think that, I have wanted to meet you but was not quite sure should I, but I knew I had to, then you looked over to my side of the street and here we are” you said, just then this rather elderly waiter arrived at our table handing Patrick, I said your name Patrick, the waiter suddenly spoke “the wine list Sir, may I make any recommendations, Fillet steak medium rare Sir” he said “yes thats right, I was thinking  a bottle of Marques del Romeral, but perhaps your recommendation” you asked, the waiter smiled and said “no, that is an extremely fine wine Sir, I would recommend myself” and off he went.

You took my hand “Alexandra I have so wanted to speak to you” you quietly said, “I knew that moment I saw you even when I looked away I had to look back I was drawn am drawn to you, oh God I can’t believe I am saying this” I told you.  You laughed and touched my right hand cheek “you are shaking are you alright” you asked, “yes I’m fine just nervous something has happened tonight and I don’t know if I am dreaming this or not” as I said it I felt the tears drop on my cheeks, you were there suddenly wiping the tears, “you are not dreaming, its real we are here its right, we are right, this was, had to happen Alexandra”, you leaned over and gently kissed me, here in this restaurant, did people see, oh I didn’t care if they did or not.

The wine waiter returned and opened the bottle and poured some of the lushous looking wine into your glass, you sipped it and nodded, the waiter then poured some in my glass and returned to fill yours, he placed the bottle in the wine basket on the table and departing said “thank you Sir, Madam I trust you will enjoy your Dinners”, you looked up and thanked him, all I could do was raise my head and smile, he had to see the tear stains on my face.  Just then our waiter returned and placed the large plate with this rather large fillet steak, Asparagus and green salad in front of me and then in front of you “thank you very much” you said to him, “welcome Sir, Madam I hope you enjoy it” he told us smiling at me, I smiled back.  You looked at me as you said “I am sure we will”.  “Would you like some pepper on your steak” you said, I raised my hand as I did so knocked yours and the vase on our table wobbled, we laughed, luckily the vase was saved by you and the two creamy pink Roses that were contained in the vase had survived.  “Pepper” you said “yes please” I couldn’t but smile, “would you like me to do it for you” you enquired, for the first time wait the first time I mentioned your name “thank you Patrick” I said, you gave me the broadest of smiles and said “I like that, the way you said my name”.  “It’s irish isn’t it, and your surname thats Irish” I softly asked you.  “Yes it is, my Father was Irish” you told me, you looked sad, there was a sadness in your eyes “was, does that mean”, I didn’t want to appear too nosey, “he died last year, he had been ill for a few weeks, then all of a sudden he was gone, I miss him” your eyes on mine I could see tears forming there “I can see you do, miss him very much that is, he must have been a very good man, for his Son to say  that” was I right to say these things to you, “thank you Alexandra he was indeed a good man he worked so hard loved his family, he built the business I took over when he died” you said, “what was his name” I asked of you “believe it or not Patrick, I’m Patrick Walsh the Third, my Grandfather was from Kerry, a real Kerryman, there you know a bit about me I don’t know anything about you, except I had to be here tonight with you”, your words filled me with such joy.

“Come eat your steak before it gets too cold”, the steak was perfectly cooked just as I liked it, I loved the Asparagus it was so fresh you left very little on your plate,  I said “yes, as a child my parents would always say don’t leave anything on the plate, especially the vegetables, no dessert if I didn’t clean my plate, being of Irish extraction I enjoy all vegetables, perhaps one or two exceptions” you laughed as you said it.  “Is your mother from Ireland” I asked, “No Mother was born here, my Father came over here when he was 20, found a job working on the roads, and from there worked his way up, saved most of his money except just enough to keep him, the rest he would send home every week to his Mother in Kerry” you said, I was astonished “he really was a good man wasn’t he” and I touched your hand you held mine “my Father was very ambitious, he worked his way up in the company until one day he owned it, don’t ask how, he would never tell me all he would say was “don’t ask how, just why”, he was a strong man until those last few weeks”, this time I touched your cheek you quickly took my hand and kissed it, I knew at that moment, the very moment.

It was true not a dream, I knew that now, I was in love with you and I needed you, oh how I needed you.  I had this longing for you to hold me close so close to you and kiss me.   It had to be at that precise moment our waiter returned with the dessert trolley, the most gorgeous looking desserts, dare I risk it, could I say yes oh please let me say yes.  There I was the word came out even before the waiter asked they both laughed, “certainly madam what would you like”, “the English trifle, I can’t resist it, may I have some” I said to the waiter “certainly madam, as he placed what appeared to be a lot in the bowl “cream madam”, he enquired I looked at him “no I have to resit that, as much as I may want it” I told him, he smiled turning to you he said “and Sir would like”, “no question about it, the French Apple Tart and I will have some cream thank you”, “certainly” the waiter repeated, “would you care for coffee after Sir” he asked “yes, I shall call” you told him, the waiter nodded and left our table.

“Patrick, what time is it, I don’t have my watch” I enquired “time for you to still be with me” you looked at me and no more need be said.  I was in love, in love with this man I met tonight, this could not be possible but it is.  “Alexandra, now tell me about you, thats if you don’t mind” your eyes seemed to glisen, “I don’t mind, I was born here, my Father is from here but my Mother comes from Italy, I am the only child do you have any siblings” I asked “one sister, she is two years older than me, and always took and still does great care of me” you told me, “are you close” I asked, “yes we are we have always been close, she is a good person, takes after my mother, but you I want to know everything about you Alexandra” you pleaded, “there’s not a lot to know, I’m rather boring you may find” I told him, I felt your lips on mine soft gentle kiss “you could never be boring, tell me about yourself” again you pleaded.  Before I could answer our waiter appeared you asked me “coffee” I nodded yes, you signalled to the waiter and he was here pouring out the coffees, “cream Madam, Sir” we both giggled when we said in unison  “no just black”, the waiter held up a large box of Cigars “would Sir care for one”, you turned to me “would you mind if I did Alexandra”, I said “please, do so, I love the smell of cigars, my Father smokes them”, “so did mine” you answered.  You chose carefully your Cigar and I watched as I would my Father how your cigar was lit and there the smell of it.

We knew the evening would have to end and you paid the bill and then the waiter came back with our coats and he helped me with mine and then a little with yours,  you tipped the waiter “thank you very much Sir, good evening to you both”.  You turned and smiled “good evening to you too” you answered.

What now, I knew what I wanted but I couldn’t say what would you think, you hailed a  taxi and soon it was there we stepped in and you gave an address, not mine. We sat there just looking at each other, oblivious to the taxi driver. Suddenly your arm was around me and I snuggled in close to you.  You raised my chin and kissed me, long and tender there was nothing more I wanted than to be with you, in bed making love.  What would my mother think.  Your hands on my hair running your fingers through my hair then your lips on my neck, my stomach my poor stomach those butterflies were working overtime.

The taxi stopped you paid the driver, with your arms around me we walked into this building you acknowledged the commissionaire and we were in the lift, one other man entered he stood in front of us, I stroked your face and kissed you longingly, you said after when we were alone “the first girl that has kissed me in the lift”, was I, I hoped I was.

We made love, for me the first time  and I never wanted anyone other than you.  “I’m so glad I am the man you chose as your first lover”,  you smiled as you stroked my hair and we just looked into each others eyes.  I often wondered how it would be, but never like this.  Mother would say to me “the first time, you’ll always remember the first time”, and I will I’ll always remember”.

Laying in your arms your strong chest felt so good I felt safe like I did when I was small and would fall off my tricycle, Father would pick me up and hold me close to him so tight “Bear hugs” he would say.  It was all so special so sensual you closed your eyes and I ran my fingers along your shoulders, your arms and your naked body.  It excited me to watch you to run my fingers through the hairs on your chest, your legs.  You woke “sorry did I wake you” I asked, “no darling I wasn’t asleep I just loved the feel of your fingers on my body”.  You laid me down and kissed my breasts it felt bubbly and oh I wanted to cry I wanted you, wanted you thats all I could think.  Your hands inside my thighs kissing me as your fingers found their way in me “are you alright” you asked “yes” thats all I could say my head was where I didn’t know, I closed my eyes “darling open your eyes look at me, please look at me” you asked of me.

I looked into your eyes as you were there, to have you in me I never wanted it to end, you were kissing me over and over as you made love to me “don’t stop” I said and you laughed. You kissed my breasts and my nipples, your lips on  my nipples it was wonderful, we fell asleep in each other’s arms, so close and that’s how it stayed.  Two people two strangers, who met in the rain and fell in love.  Thirty years later we are still here, together older of course but still in love still needing each other.

Thank goodness that evening we were there on opposite sides of the street, it was meant to be and its been so good.  We love each other as we did that night.




From “My Fair Lady” with the enchanting, beautiful,  Actress Audrey Hepburn.  Vic Damone sings “On The Street Where You Live”, Vic Damone’s truly lovely voice.


  1. LOVE “My Fair Lady!” You should hear Bran sing “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face.” He has such a beautiful voice. They wanted him to play Henry Higgins in high school when they did this. But he preferred playing the French Horn in the orchestra instead. I was heart sick. He’s such a natural!


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