Tis early morn

and the mist dost gently fall

I await my lover

will he come

I do hope so


There I see my Lover come

down the fields he dost run

over stile and holds me close

his lips on mine

soft and smooth


In his arms warm and close

his kisses on my face and neck

his long fingers fiddle with my coat

little buttons I help him with


He lays me down on his coat

my bosoms heaving for his touch

his strong hand into my cleavage goes

he lifts my bosom his lips can’t wait to taste me so


He holds me, tells me he dost love me

“your nipples firm I want them and you” he says

what little time we have this morn

but tomorrow we away for two days

alone making love all day

how I long to feel you inside my body

then we shall be one


“Rise my love, tomorrow will soon come”

he says as he helps me up and takes his coat

from the ground were we just laid

my bosoms still heave for him and his tongue


Tomorrow we share our bodies

two days of love,

and lips and tongues

at last my love

I’m yours, all yours





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